Take part in all Uttvecklingsmagasinets articles about what was said about global development during the Almedal week. Photo: FUF.

The most important things about global issues from Almedal Week 2023

Almedal Week 2023 is over, but hopefully the discussion about global development is not. For example, did you miss what the party leaders said about global issues in their speeches? Or what experts and experts said about Sweden's aid policy and climate justice in interviews? No danger - here you will find all the articles with the most important things that were said about global issues during Almedal Week.

The climate issue, Sweden's aid policy and security were some of the global issues that the party leaders mentioned in their speeches in Almedalen. Otherwise, they largely focused on domestic politics. Read the analyzes of all party leader numbers here:

Nooshi Dadgostar (V)

Märta Stenevi (MP)

Magdalena Andersson (S)

Muharrem Demirok (C)

Johan Pehrson (L)

Ebba Busch (KD)

Ulf Kristersson (M)

Linda Lindberg (SD)

Also take the opportunity to read our daily summaries of what politicians, experts and experts discussed about global development in Almedalen:

Wednesday at Almedal Week: Party leader's speech on migration and interview on the government's aid reform

Thursday at Almedal Week: Experts question the aid reform

Friday at Almedal Week: Security issues and China's presence in Africa

Saturday at Almedal Week: Security issues and regional work with Agenda 2030

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