Magdalena Andersson (S) raised, among other things, the climate issue and the green transition in her party leadership speech in Almedalen. Photo: Karin Myrdal.

Magdalena Andersson (S) on the government's budget: "Climate slaughter"

On Thursday, Magdalena Andersson (S) held her party leadership speech in Almedalen. Among other things, she highlighted how children are affected by Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine and criticized the government's environmental and climate policy.

In her Almedal speech, opposition leader Magdalena Andersson (S) directed some criticism at the current government, which was several times referred to as the "SD government". Andersson returned throughout the speech to the children and future generations whose future rests on our shoulders. She painted a vision of Sweden where we have overcome the "climate crisis, jobs and welfare".

“Slave Ukraine!”

Magdalena Andersson returned to the theme of children and young people also when it came to Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine. She underlined how children are injured, killed and lose their parents as a result of Russian weapons. She also highlighted Sweden's support for the Ukrainian people.

- It (support, ed. note) must continue unabated until the last Russian soldier has left Ukraine. Slave Ukraine, Andersson said.

The party leader returned to that of the current government environmental and climate policy and how it may affect future generations. Andersson said that Sweden could lose its leading position in the green technology shift, and that we should continue to be at the forefront of the technology shift so that "the jobs, the green industries and prosperity can end up here in Sweden", instead of in other parts of the world.

Without going further into concrete measures, Andersson criticized the government's budget by calling it a "climate slaughter". She then mentioned, among other things, that the number of climate refugees may increase when the climate crisis ends up far down on the political agenda. 

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