Muharrem Demirok (C) spoke mainly about domestic politics in his Almedal speech, but he also touched on the climate crisis - but mainly with a focus on Sweden. Photo: Felizia Livskog and Cecilia Bergh.

Muharrem Demirok (C) directs sharp criticism of the government's climate policy

In his party leadership speech on the Almedalen stage, Muharrem Demirok (C) spoke mainly about domestic policy issues such as Swedish schools and the countryside. Global issues were generally not given much space in his speech, but he devoted part of the speech to criticizing the government's climate policy. 

On Thursday evening, Muharrem Demirok (C) gave his party leadership speech, which was also his first, on the Almedalen stage. Global issues did not feature very prominently in Demirok's speech. A couple of times he touched on the climate issue, but mostly with a focus on the effects in Sweden. Among other things, he expressed great disappointment in the government's climate policy.

- When the temperature rises, crops dry up and the water dries up, then the government lets the emissions run rampant. (…) Then you talk completely shamelessly about abandoning Sweden's climate goals, he says.

Demirok believed that more should be done to create change regarding the climate issue, and referred, among other things, to the lack of crisis support in the event of drought as a result of climate change. Demirok described that climate change threatens businesses, Swedish food and crisis preparedness in Sweden.

- It should make every serious politician act for change, but the government's efforts are unfortunately as absent as the rain.

He rounded off the speech by underlining that politics must focus more on the difficult issues instead of backing away from them, for example the issue of the climate crisis.

- Ulf Kristersson, put an end to the climate betrayal of the Swedish countryside. Step out of the shadow of climate populism, he says.

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