The editorial staff

The Swedish media often lacks the global perspective on many issues. Through our online magazine Utvecklingsmagasinet, we want to increase knowledge and debate about global challenges and Sweden's role in the world. Our non-profit editorial staff is an important part of that work.

As an active member of the editorial staff, you can interview, write different types of journalistic texts for Utvecklingsmagasinet, cover the debate in the Swedish media and report from various seminars. You receive continuous training - both in subjects related to global development and in journalistic writing and communication. You can also be part of an editorial team that peppers, supports and gets to know each other! 

During the pandemic, we have had all meetings digitally, but in the future we strive to have a mixed format - both online and at FUF's office. 

You do not need any previous knowledge to join the editorial staff, we train you during the assignment!

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