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FUF has several social media accounts that we are active on. On Facebook and Instagram we want to spread easily accessible facts about global development and Agenda 2030. We also draw attention to what is going on within FUF's activities to get more people curious about getting involved for a fairer and more sustainable world. We are also available at LinkedIn. FUF's online magazine Development magazine is available at Facebook and Twitter. On FUF's YouTube channel Fool play most of our events are available to watch afterwards. There are also interviews from Almedalen and information films about the Intern Program.

Rules for comment fields in FUF's social media

The Association for Development Issues (FUF) is a politically and religiously independent platform for knowledge and debate on global development issues. We strive for different voices and opinions on global issues and how global sustainable development can take place, and therefore we would like to read about your perspective in our comment fields. At the same time, we want a respectful and fact-based conversation climate, so think about how you formulate yourself.

The rules below apply to all FUF's social media accounts as well as our local groups' social media accounts. FUF will delete comments that we feel are not written in accordance with the rules.

Comments must be relevant

In order to have a fruitful dialogue, it is important that comments are constructive and relevant in the context. We do not allow spamming of comments, links or images.

We do not allow hate and threats

FUF stands up for the equal value and rights of all people regardless of age, sex, gender identity, religious belief, sexual orientation, functional ability and social/cultural/ethnic background. Therefore, we do not accept discrimination, hatred, threats, harassment or dehumanizing comments about individuals or groups.

Help us keep the comments section organized

If you don't respect FUF's rules, you can be blocked from our social media accounts. Have you been mistakenly blocked? Get in touch with us at fuf@fuf.se we will help you.

FUF is a small non-profit association with limited resources. If you see something that you think violates our rules before we do it ourselves, please send us a message! Then you help us make the comments section a good place for fruitful discussions.  

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