Why should you vote in the EU elections?

June 6 to 9 are the EU elections. Karin Flordal from Sieps believes that it is an important right, but also an obligation, to make one's voice heard. Photo (left): European Parliament. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Photo (right): Karin Flordal. Source: Sieps.

Of: Elianne Kjellman

On June 6 to 9, the EU elections take place. Decisions made at EU level affect us all the time, both big and small. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to understand what the election actually means. The development magazine has talked to Karin Flordal, investigator at Swedish Institute for European Political Studies (Sieps), as believes that one does not need to be an expert on EU issues to vote in the future parliamentsthe choice. 

June 3, 2024, Interview

Week 22: Migration in focus as debaters set their sights on the EU elections

During the past week, several debaters have written about the EU's migration pact. Some defend the pact and say it will reduce immigration, while others criticize it and say it could contribute to more deaths at sea. Photo (left): Canva. Photo (right): Commander, US Naval Forces Europe. Source: Flickr.

Of: Jakob Kerren

The week before the EU elections sailed EU's migration pact back on the debate pages. The Pact severely criticized by several pkribent, who believe that it undermines the right to asylum and contributes to abuses against refugees. The Migration Pact chief negotiator, Thomas Tobe (M), mean However, that it is a step in the right direction towards lower immigration to Sweden and Europe.  

June 3, 2024, Current debate

Week 12: Debate on the government's climate policy and the aviation tax

Both the aviation tax and the importance of anchoring climate policy with the people have been debated over the past week. Image (left): Random institute. Source: Unsplash. Image (right): Markus Spiske. Source: Unsplash.

Of: Fleur Riller Loins

On March 21 surrendered Climate policy the Council without annual assessment av the government's climate policy. Reports has awakened reaction and several debaters has under it walked week discussed climate policyen i both Sweden and Europe.  

March 25, 2024, Current debate

Week 11: Debaters call on Israel to take responsibility for famine in Gaza

During the past week, several debaters have written about the famine in Gaza. Photo: Wafa. Source: Wikimedia commons.

Of: The Chancellery

The people of Gaza are starving and Israel must take responsibility for it, several write debaters. Greta Thunberg's climate demonstration outside the Riksdag has also been the subject of debate during the past week.

March 18, 2024, Current debate

Week 7: Center parties demand financial penalties for climate criminals in the EU

During the past week, among other things, the future of the EU has been discussed on Swedish debate and editorial pages, due to the upcoming elections to the European Parliament this summer. Photo: European Parliament. Source: Wikimedia commons.

Of: Ida Nilsson and Adam Hansen

Ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections, which fall in June this year, the debate about Sweden's role in the EU and the Union's future is increasing. The Center Party demands that the EU introduce financial penalties for countries that do not live up to the goals for climate change, while the Sweden Democrats advocate a restructuring of EU policy and strengthened decision-making at the national level. Even the Russian one opposition politician Alexey Navalny's death has been noticed in the debate during the past week. 

February 19, 2024, Current debate

Week 50: Historic climate agreement at COP28 - but several debaters are critical

After a protracted negotiation at the UN climate conference in Dubai, the countries of the world were finally able to agree on an agreement on a transition from fossil fuels. But this past week's debaters disagree on whether the agreement is actually sufficient. Photo: UNclimatechange. Source: Flickr.

Of: Mona Adam Abdi

The climate debate continues. Last week ended the negotiations at the UN climate meeting COP28 in Dubai, and the world has nu a new climate agreement. Many are satisfied with the agreement and believe that it is a historic step in the right direction. Aothers think that it inte is sufficient. 

December 18, 2023, Current debate

Week 48: Debate around countries' responsibility for the climate: "Hypocrites do not save the planet"

The UN climate meeting COP28 in Dubai has, among other things, sparked debate about the responsibilities of rich and poor countries in the climate crisis. Photo: Dean Calma/IAEA. Source Flickr.

Of: Benjamin Frisk and Elin Prestgaard

UN: s annual climate summit COP28 ongoing right now i Dubai i United athe rab emirate. As The development magazine previously reported on has valet av spot awakened criticism then the host country is en oil nation. On svenska opinion pages has debaters including discussed whicha roller Rika and poor countries should have for to combat climate change 

December 4, 2023, Current debate

Therefore, several actors are calling for a boycott of COP28

Several actors within the environmental movement are calling for a boycott of the climate conference COP28, which this year is being held in the United Arab Emirates. Photo: Alisdare Hickson. Source: Flickr.

Of: Benjamin Frisk

FN:s climate conference COP28 held this year in Dubai i United athe rab emirate. This has drawn criticism from both activists and climateorganizations, and a campaign to boycott the conference has spread worldwide. The development magazine analyzes the arguments for and against a boycott of COP28.  

November 28, 2023, Development magazine explains

Africa's top politicians want to introduce a global carbon tax

At the Africa Climate Summit conference, which brought together representatives from the African countries, a global carbon tax was proposed, among other things, to finance climate adaptation and renewable energy on the continent. Pictured: Kenyan President William Samoei Ruto. Source: Flickr.

Of: Ina Carlsson

In September met representatives in de African countries of climate conferenceen Africa Climate Summit (ACS) in Kenya in order to discuss common solutions of climate change. The conference resulted in the Nairobi Declaration - which, among other things, proposes a global carbon tax to large emitters must contribute with sea resources to low-income countries. The declaration will form the basis of the countries' joint strategy at the climate conference COP28, which will be held in November.  

November 6, 2023, Development magazine explains

Week 43: Split opinions on Hassler's climate investigation

John Hassler's climate investigation arouses mixed reactions among debaters. Several of them believe, for example, that it is necessary to have national climate targets, alongside the EU's. Photo: Elima Mwinyipembe/Government Office.

Of: Edwin Borg

John Hassler's climate investigation has created shared opinions of svenska discussion and leader pages. Some see it as a possible positive change within climate change, at the same time as the discussion about Sweden's climate goals vis-à-vis the EU's guidelines intensifies - should Sweden have its own climate goals or ska The EU steers the way forward? 

October 30, 2023, Current debate