Märta Stenevi (MP) returned to criticism of the Tidö agreement in her Almedal speech, but she also mentioned the consequences of the climate crisis around the world and criticized the government's focus on the rapprochement between trade and aid. Photo: Axel Selin and Nora Nattorp.

Stenevi (MP) criticized the government's aid policy in his party leadership speech

Märta Stenevi (MP) focused on climate, integration and the current government's policy in her party leadership speech. Global issues were generally given little space in the speech, but she touched on, among other things, the oppression of authoritarian leaders around the world and criticized the government's aid policy.

Almedal week's second party leadership speech was given by the Green Party's spokesperson Märta Stenevi. She began her speech with five "bleak messages" to the Swedish people. These were mainly about the climate crisis and its irreversible effects. She said, however, that the Swedish climate goals can still be reached, but that this issue is not prioritized by the government.

A recurring point in the speech was her criticism of the government parties' cooperation with the Sweden Democrats and the migration and integration policy that has been established in the Tidö Agreement. Global issues were mentioned, but received little space in the speech as a whole.

"Dreaming of a world where aid is aimed at life"

The climate crisis was the main issue highlighted in a global perspective. Stenevi explained the consequences of climate change in the countries of the world, including the water shortage in Uruguay, the famine in the Horn of Africa and the ongoing forest fires in Canada. She emphasized the importance of Sweden sticking to the climate goals and the danger in deviating from them. Even the work against authoritarian dictators was presented as part of Stenevis' dream of "a world at peace". She mentioned Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Xi Jinping and their oppression of their own people, as well as Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

Aid was briefly mentioned in the form of criticism of the government's aid policy and the focus on the rapprochement between trade and aid.

- I dream of a world [...] where the aid aims at life itself, is not a tool for the trade balance, said Stenevi. 

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