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Current debate

Week 42: Climate tariffs, alarmism and the link between the climate crisis and racism

The Swedish news flow is dominated by the pandemic, instead of making room for the health threats posed by the climate. This is the opinion of the author and writer Mats Sederholm, who is also active in the democracy movement DiEM25, in an article in Göteborgs Posten. He further writes that today's climate reporters focus on "solutions that politicians pragmatically discuss and that keep them to themselves […]

Of: Agnes Von Unge and Lisa Busch, October 25, 2021


The cornerstone of democracy remains threatened in Tanzania

- This is not the time to point the finger at each other but instead hold hands and build the new Tanzania that President Magufuli aspired to. This was stated by Samia Suluhu Hassan at the beginning of her presidency when opposition parties made allegations about the reasons for the death of former President John Magufuli. Under Tanzania's leadership of […]

Of: Ulrika Granlund, October 22, 2021


The "green wave" shows the way in the fight for abortion rights

In September every year, the international abortion day falls, and in connection with this, attention is drawn to the fact that the right to abortion is threatened in many parts of the world. In Poland, abortion legislation has been further tightened by the country's government announcing in January that abortions of injured fetuses will also be banned. Legislation in some US states has also become more restrictive. […]

Of: Beata Sjödahl, October 18, 2021

Current debate

Week 41: Criticism of politicians ahead of the upcoming climate conference

Climate is one of the topics that has been discussed on Swedish debate pages during the past week. Zina Al-Dewany at Aftonbladet agrees with Greta Thunberg that the world leaders' talk about climate promises does not matter, but is just a game for the galleries. - Our international climate meetings increasingly feel like a useless Almedalen, she writes in an editorial. […]

Of: Julia Carlzon and Marcus Karlén, October 18, 2021

The FUF correspondents, Chronicle

My attempt to live in an environmentally friendly way in Ukraine goes like this

A Ukrainian friend who studies in Uppsala told me that she absolutely needs to eat meat with every meal. She also did not want to try vegan dishes. Then I started teasing her: - Why did you buy a heater? Surely it would be better to freeze in your room instead of ruining your grandchildren's future? Why flew […]

Of: Nick Nguyen, October 14, 2021

Guest chronicle

I can never accept that girls grow up with extinguished dreams

Surely it is inconceivable that a girl, a child, should risk being deprived of her childhood, subjected to abuse, violence, forced into a pregnancy or married off to an older man? Yet it is a reality. A reality that 12 million girls worldwide are forced to face every year, according to UNICEF figures, and […]

Of: Jennifer Vidmo, October 11, 2021

Current debate

Week 39: Consumers' responsibility for the climate and a call for a Swedish boycott of the World's Fair in Dubai

In Dagens Nyheter, four debaters question the idea that one can change private consumption by informing about the sustainable properties of products. Although the government, Greta Thunberg and the research program Mistra Sustainable Consumption, among others, insist on the importance of information to consumers, the debaters believe that the research shows that information has only a marginal impact on consumers' […]

Of: Linnea Boström, October 4, 2021

Current debate

Week 38: Debaters demand that Sweden take responsibility for saving the rainforests

During the past week, the climate issue has been in focus. Several debaters have expressed their position that Sweden can do more to save the rainforests in the world and overcome the climate crisis. In Dagens ETC, environmentalists Amanda Palmstierna and Pär Holmgren call on Sweden to defend the new law against global deforestation that will be presented […]

Of: Beata Fylkner and Linnea Ljungar, September 27, 2021


Heroes also grow old

In March 2020, I was in León, Nicaragua. I was sitting in a restaurant by the main square, alternating between looking out over the hustle and bustle and reading the news. I read about completely shut down cities, and about how the world's most stubborn dictators were historically transparent with what was happening. Then read […]

Of: Herman Kringlund, September 22, 2021


Review of "A Dizzying Task - Sweden and Development Aid 1945-1975"

A book about Sweden and Aid 1945 to 1975; written by three academic historians; 650 pages of text with over 2000 source references: It sounds like a pure sleeping pill. But it's not! Instead, it is both an insightful and exciting story about the emergence of a completely new policy area in Sweden, as in a fascinating […]

Of: Göran Holmqvist, September 21, 2021