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Development magazine explains

The government wants climate compensation abroad - to reach Sweden's climate goals

Sweden's government invests hundreds of millions in climate compensation, i.e. emission reductions abroad. This means that part of Sweden's climate goals may be met in countries such as Ghana, Nepal and the Dominican Republic. But several researchers and experts are critical, both in terms of climate benefit and ethics.

Of: Ellinor Berglund, March 17, 2023

Current debate

Week 10: Debaters address digitization as a vital part of the gender equality issue

During the last week, many debate and editorial writers focused on women's rights in conjunction with International Women's Day on March 8. Several debaters discussed digitization and gender equality as it was the main issue discussed at the meeting of the UN Commission on Women (CSW) in New York on 10 March. 

Of: Ida Eriksson Vanemo, March 15, 2023

Development magazine explains

Millions of stateless people in the world - do not get access to basic rights

Roughly ten million people around the world are estimated to be stateless. Sweden has joined several international conventions to prevent statelessness, but despite that there were approximately 27 stateless persons or persons of unknown nationality in Sweden in 000, according to UNHCR. The Council of Europe's former commissioner for human rights has criticized Sweden for giving stateless persons little chance of obtaining citizenship in Sweden. 

Of: Sandra Duru, March 9, 2023


Munisa Rashid stays in Afghanistan - despite the Taliban's oppression of women

Since the Taliban took over the Afghan state in 2021, everyday life looks different for most Afghans. Their economic opportunities and women's rights have been severely limited. Munisa Rashid, communicator at the Swedish Afghanistan Committee (SAK), is one of many women in the country who are no longer allowed to start their dream education or dress how they want. 

Of: Liljan Daoud, March 8, 2023

Current debate

Week 9: Debaters discuss support for Ukraine and Sweden's climate transition

During the past week, the focus has been on Ukraine among the majority of debaters on Swedish opinion pages. Sweden's climate transition and whether or not the obligation to reduce has also been discussed with clear differences in the opinions of the debaters.  

Of: Cecilia Bergh and Ellinor Berglund, March 6, 2023

Current debate

Week 8: Debaters disagree on arms deliveries to Ukraine

On February 24, 2023, it was one year since Russia invaded Ukraine. It has characterized the Swedish debate and editorial pages during the past week - and the writers want Vladimir Putin to be stopped and held accountable for his war crimes. A watershed in the Swedish debate, however, is the question of whether Sweden should send weapons to Ukraine. 

Of: Nora Nattorp and Agnes Durbeej-Hjalt, February 27, 2023


Russia's invasion of Ukraine: "Important that we who can continue to tell about the war"

February 24, 2023 marks one year since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Thousands of people have died and millions have fled their homes. In connection with the anniversary, several human rights organizations are organizing demonstrations in Stockholm. The development magazine was on site and guarded one of them.  

Of: Agnes Durbeej-Hjalt, February 24, 2023

Current debate

Week 7: Debaters criticize the aid policy and lack of support for Syria

During the past week, writers on Swedish debate and editorial pages have both directed criticism at Sweden's aid policy and at the fact that aid does not reach those in need in Syria after the earthquakes. The Swedish environmental target system has also been the subject of debate. SD's environmental policy spokesperson calls it a "resource-demanding monster", while civil servant Magnus Eriksson highlights the strengths of the system.

Of: Sidra Amir, February 21, 2023

Current debate

Week 6: Debaters react to the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

On Swedish opinion pages, several debaters have appealed for humanity and humanitarian support after the earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria. Russia's war in Ukraine has also been discussed after intense robot attacks from Russia.   

Of: Elianne Kjellman and Ellen Norman, February 13, 2023

Guest analysis

Environmental work in Lima collides with the city's vulnerable residents

In Peru's capital Lima, biodiversity is threatened by urbanization and the rapidly growing number of shantytowns. At the same time, the protection of unique ecosystems becomes a threat to the city's economically vulnerable residents. Environmental work must therefore cooperate with an uncompromising fight for equality and inclusion. This is written by Chakad Ojani, postdoctoral fellow in social anthropology at Uppsala University.

Of: Chakad Ojani, February 2, 2023