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Britain sends asylum seekers to Rwanda - criticized by the UN

In the next few days, the first asylum seekers will be sent from the UK to Rwanda under the new agreement between the countries. The decision has provoked strong reactions from human rights organizations, among others, who claim that it violates Britain's obligations. Last year, more than 28 asylum seekers came to the UK after crossing the sea from the mainland on […]

Of: Hanne Karlsson, May 25, 2022


The heat wave in India and Pakistan reflects the extreme weather of the future

Summer came early to India and Pakistan this year. Already in April, over 40 degrees were measured in New Delhi and up to 50 degrees in the Sindh province in Pakistan. Both countries have previously been hit by extreme heat waves, which usually begin in May, but achieving new record temperatures for both countries as early as April is unusual. Att […]

Of: Fanny Andersson, May 24, 2022

Current debate

Week 20: Sweden's application for NATO membership arouses opposition

On Monday 16 May, Magdalena Andersson announced at a press conference that Sweden will apply for membership in NATO. The decision was made earlier the same day by the government at an extra meeting, after the issue had been debated in the Riksdag. The Prime Minister stated that a majority of the parliamentary parties now support a Swedish NATO membership, SVT Nyheter reported. Forward evening on 16 […]

Of: Elise Olsson and Idun Eklind, May 23, 2022


Is the climate crisis racist?

In the debate about the crises of our time, there are often posts that link them to racism. The reasoning is that colonialism created an inequality between "whites" and "blacks", which has since continued to develop and is inherent in all relationships that are therefore to be regarded as racism. Trade, aid, investment, tourism are some examples that from this perspective can […]

Of: Karl-Anders Larsson, May 23, 2022

Guest analysis

Will the war in Ukraine be the spark that will ignite a new revolution in Tunisia?

After a visit to Tunisia at the end of April, the image of a country in limbo emerges. The country is partly in a political crisis, partly in an economic crisis and the crises reinforce each other. Rising food prices and declining supply of wheat, which is a staple food in Tunisia, are therefore creating a very unstable situation ahead of the referendum on a new constitution announced by the president. It writes Carin Norberg, former head of the Nordic Africa Institute and board member of Civil Rights Defenders.

Of: Carin Norberg, May 23, 2022


Increased cost of living in Mauritius - now the government is declared distrustful

After weeks of protests in Mauritius, a motion of censure is currently pending against the government as a result of increased living costs - which has led to a debate in parliament.

Of: Alicia Rydhem and Laura Olsson Radda, May 18, 2022

Current debate

Week 19: debaters question new gender affiliation law and Swedish NATO membership

The proposal to change the gender equality law would threaten the legal security of detainees and risk young people becoming dependent on care for life, with hormone treatments, surgical aftercare and complications such as sterility, says Linn Saarinen, chairman of the LHB association, which works to promote homosexuals and the rights of bisexuals. Professors from the University of Gothenburg and various experts claim in a […]

Of: Hanne Karlsson, May 18, 2022


Extreme weather increases the vulnerability of people with HIV in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has recently been hit by several floods and other weather-related disasters. People who are already living in vulnerability are often worst affected by the consequences of extreme weather. For example, people living with HIV may lose the storage options for their medicines - or completely miss medicines.

Of: Frida Lindberg, May 16, 2022

FUF-correspondents, Chronicle

Art gallery creates community for genocide survivors in Rwanda

It's a sunny Monday night in Rwanda's capital Kigali. In the Kacyiru district, a few reddish-brown hills away from my apartment, is the Inema Arts Center. It was founded in 2012 by brothers Innocent Nkurunziza and Emmanuel Nkurang. There is room for ten artists to exhibit their work. In addition to Rwandans, previous artists include Ugandans, Germans and Haitians. […]

Of: Agnes Durbeej-Hjalt, May 12, 2022


Jakarta is threatened by floods - now the city is moving

A new capital will be built in an urban forest landscape in Indonesia. This is one of the country's climate adaptation strategies. The reason for the move is that the current capital Jakarta is repeatedly affected by severe floods in extreme rainy weather. In addition, unsustainable extraction from the city's groundwater repositories has led to the city's decline since the 80s, exacerbating the effects of […]

Of: Ina Carlsson, May 10, 2022