Report from COP27

Date and time: 28 Nov, 17:00 - 18:00

The global average temperature has risen by 1,1 degrees since pre-industrial times. If the temperature rises above 1,8 degrees, the climate could become life-threatening for half of the world's population, according to the UN's climate panel IPCC. 194 of the world's countries agreed through the Paris Agreement in 2015 to limit temperature increases to 1,5 degrees. From the 6th to the 18th of November, COP27 is taking place, which is [...]

November 11, 2022, Calendar, Seminars

Week 44: Debaters criticize the government on several points

Foreign Minister Tobias Billström (M) received sharp criticism during last week's debate - among other things for having called Turkey a democracy. Photo: Reinis Inkēns, Saeima's Administration. Source: Wikimedia commons.

Of: Elianne Kjellman and Ella Sjöbeck

Foreign Minister Tobias Billström's (M) statements about Turkey have stirred emotions during the past week's debate. The new government's aid and climate policy has also been debated. 

November 7, 2022, Current debate

The Connection Between Climate Change and Peacebuilding

Date and time: 21 Nov, 18:00 - 19:30

To registration» The consequences of climate change are the most visible in countries that are also suffering from armed conflict. The more intertwined the crises of climate change and armed conflict become, the more difficult they become to solve. Climate change causes socioeconomic hardship which in turn can increase the risk of violence. Meanwhile, war […]

November 6, 2022, English, Calendar, Seminars

Fossil fuels – the global ignition fluid

Date and time: 31 Oct, 17:30 - 19:00

To report » The energy issue is being debated like never before. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has left its mark on security policy and shed light on global fossil fuel dependence. On October 31, FUF therefore invites you to an interesting conversation about energy and climate issues from a justice perspective. Guest Marie Stjernquist Desatnik, expert at the Nature Conservation Association, will during the seminar deal with issues that highlight the role of energy, especially fossil fuels, in security policy and [...]

October 18, 2022, Calendar, Seminars

Why conferences on climate change fail

Every conference on climate change creates a great deal of expectation and disappointment. But why do conferences on climate change fail? Daniel HB Gamez, master's student in International Relations at Linköping University, reflects on the subject in a guest analysis. Photo: UNclimatechange. Source: Flickr.

Of: Daniel HB Gamez

Despite the efforts by many to raise awareness on clime changer, for example by multilateral conferences, the fate of reducing global warming depends on the economic and political distribution of power on a global scale.

October 17, 2022, English, Guest analysis, Magazine, Opinion

Which parties touched on global issues in their Almedal speeches?

During Almedal Week 2022, FUF's editors analyzed all the party leadership figures. Photo: The Left Party's image bank/Wikimedia Commons, Kristian Pohl – Government Office/Wikimedia Commons, Adriel.seb/Wikimedia Commons, Centerpartiet/Flickr, FarbrorAnna/Wikimedia Commons, Commons, Frankie Fouganthin/Wikimedia Commons, News Øresund/ Wikimedia Commons.

Of: The Chancellery

During Almedal Week, FUF's editors analyzed all party leaders' speeches and summarized whether, and if so which, global development issues the party leaders mentioned. The Moderates, the Christian Democrats and the Sweden Democrats basically focused solely on Sweden in their speeches, while the other parties in the Riksdag, for example, touched on the climate, the war in Ukraine, NATO and Swedish aid. You will find all analyzes listed below.

September 6, 2022, Almedalen - article

Podcast episode: This is how Swedish companies affect climate change in developing countries

The role of the private sector in counteracting climate change is both praised and criticized. In this podcast episode, FUF's Almedals editor takes a closer look at the role Swedish companies can play in climate change in developing countries. We enlist the help of experts from both civil society and business to sort out the issue. Participants Jan Larsson, CEO, Business Sweden Louise Lindfors, general secretary, […]

August 16, 2022, FUF pods

The climate drives people from their homes

Millions of people will be forced to flee due to climate change in the next 30 years, according to the World Bank. Photo: Geralt. Source: Pixabay.

Of: Andrea Thorgren

Every day people in the world are forced to flee their homes. If we don't slow down the climate crisis, 143 million people will be forced to flee by the year 2050. But are people fleeing because of climate change or because they can't make a living? 

August 11, 2022, Almedalen - article, Report

Sustainable consumption and production – a major challenge for Sweden

Unsustainable consumption is one of the main causes of climate change - and that we thereby risk the stability of the planet, say Johan Rockström, professor of environmental science, and several other environmental scientists. Photo: dmncwndrlch/Pixabay, Twitter.

Of: Fanny Tegman Lindholm

Sweden's material footprint is increasing and sustainable consumption and production patterns are one of our biggest challenges. During In Almedal week 2022, there was a consensus among researchers about the negative impact of overconsumption on the climate. Strongly reduced carbon dioxide emissions and more circular flows of goods and services are examples of more sustainable consumption patterns, but the road there is complicated.

July 26, 2022, Almedalen - article, Report

Per Bolund (MP) promised a billion investment for the climate in his Almedal speech

Per Bolund (MP) highlighted, among other things, the climate crisis, NATO and Russia's invasion of Ukraine in his party leadership speech during Almedalen Week. In addition, he mostly focused on climate policy in Sweden. Photo: Julia Lundén Azzeddine.

Of: Julia Lundén Azzeddine, Andreas Klawitter and Elin Malmqvist

In Per Bolund's (MP) party leadership speech during Almedalen Week, he raised, among other things, the climate crisis, the issue of Swedish NATO membership and that Sweden should become independent of Russian gas. In addition, the focus was mostly on climate policy within Sweden's borders - despite the fact that the outside world is a recurring theme in the Green Party's party program.

July 7, 2022, Almedalen - article, News