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Fact-based information is a prerequisite for people from different parts of society to be able to understand and get involved in issues related to sustainable development, for example by making sustainable choices in life. Monitoring sustainable development also puts pressure on politicians to act on these issues and holds them accountable to their promises. Do you want to do like Parul Sharma and support the development magazine's independent journalism on sustainable development?

November 10

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We are now halfway through the implementation of Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. At the same time, we see that developments in the world are going in the wrong direction in many ways - climate change, a reduced democratic space and waves of misinformation and fake news are just a few examples of that. Now it is more important than ever that the public can take [...]

26 October 2023

The FUF faces a crucial few months

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As a result of further paused calls and delayed announcements from financiers, we still do not know what 2024 will look like. At the same time, we see that FUF is needed now - perhaps more than ever. The world has enormous challenges to deal with that require facts, knowledge, competence and commitment - both on the part of the general public and on the part of those who work for global development. That is what our mission is.

September 12

The most important things about global issues from Almedal Week 2023

Take part in all Uttvecklingsmagasinets articles about what was said about global development during the Almedal week. Photo: FUF.

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Almedal Week 2023 is over, but hopefully the discussion about global development is not. For example, did you miss what the party leaders said about global issues in their speeches? Or what experts and experts said about Sweden's aid policy and climate justice in interviews? No danger - here you will find all the articles with the most important things that were said about global issues during Almedal Week.

July 5, 2023, Almedalen - current

Saturday at Almedal Week: Security issues and regional work with Agenda 2030

Both Johan Pehrson (L) and Linda Lindberg (SD) focused on domestic politics in their speeches in Almedalen. Photo: FUF.

Of: The Chancellery

During Almedalen's last day, Johan Pehrson (L) and Linda Lindberg (SD) held their party leadership speeches. Johan Pehrson spoke mainly about domestic issues but also mentioned the climate issue and security, while Linda Lindberg only spoke about domestic politics. FUF also interviewed Victoria Öjefors Quinn, political secretary for the Left Party Gotland, about the regional work with Agenda 2030.

July 2, 2023, Almedalen - current

Friday at Almedal Week: Security issues and China's presence in Africa

Security issues and China's presence on the African continent were two topics FUF covered during Thursday in Almedalen.

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During Friday, Ebba Busch (KD) and Nooshi Dadgostar (V) held their party leadership speeches in Almedalen. Both focused on domestic politics, but mentioned, among other things, Russia's war in Ukraine. FUF interviewed, among others, Björn Cappelin from the Foreign Policy Institute about China's increasing presence and investments in Africa. - There are fears that the prosperity these investments are supposed to generate will not really reach the broad population, he says.

July 1, 2023, Almedalen - current

Thursday at Almedal Week: Experts question the aid reform

On Thursday, Muharrem Demirok (C) held his party leadership speech in Almedalen - in which he criticized the government's climate policy, among other things. FUF also interviewed Jan Eliasson, former foreign minister and deputy secretary-general of the UN, about the effects of the government's reform of aid policy.

Of: The Chancellery

During Thursday, both Magdalena Andersson (S) and Muharrem Demirok (C) criticized the government's climate policy in their party leadership speeches. The African groups' general secretary Louise Lindfors and Jan Eliasson, former foreign minister and deputy secretary general of the UN, questioned the government's reform of aid in interviews with FUF. - I think the reform is going very quickly, says Jan Eliasson.

June 30, 2023, Almedalen - current

Wednesday at Almedal Week: Party leader's speech on migration and interview on the government's aid reform

On Wednesday, FUF asked Johan Forssell (M) questions about the government's reform of aid - and the cuts in funding for development research. Photo: Felizia Livskog.

Of: The Chancellery

On Wednesday, Ulf Kristersson (M) held his party leadership speech in Almedalen, where he touched on migration and Sweden's EU presidency, which is beginning to suffer towards its end, among other things. FUF also asked questions to Aid and Foreign Trade Minister Johan Forssell (M) and Sida's Director General Carin Jämtin about the connection between trade and aid.

June 28, 2023, Almedalen - current

FUF's future and the way forward

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2023 has started tough for FUF - despite a very successful 2022. A bit into the new year, we received information from our financiers about how the new aid budget concretely affects FUF's operations, and we could state that - within the space of a few days - went from our strongest financial position ever to […]

March 29, 2023

The documents for the FUF's annual meeting are now up

Of: The Chancellery

Are you curious about how 2022 was for FUF? What are our plans for 2023? Now FUF's report and business plan are up together with all other documents for the annual meeting. The annual meeting is on March 28 at 17:30 p.m. and it is possible to participate both digitally and at FUF's office. Register by March 26 at the latest. Annual meeting documents Business report [...]

March 21, 2023