"The future of peace" - a new anthology with voices for sustainable peace and security

The anthology "The future of peace" contains 14 texts on how we create sustainable peace and security. It is free and can be downloaded further down the page.

Of: The Chancellery

How can children be included in the work for sustainable peace? How are climate justice and global health related to peace work? These and many other important issues are addressed by different voices for sustainable peace and security in our anthology The Future of Peace. FUF's network for global sustainable peace and security has together with the Human Security Association been involved […]

September 29, 2021, Activity

Week 37: 20 years since the terrorist attacks in New York and the Taliban's advance in Afghanistan

The Taliban's advance in Afghanistan is a topic that has continued to be debated in Sweden over the past week.

Of: The Chancellery and Melanie Alphonse

Twenty years have passed since September 11, which is something that several Swedish debaters have touched on in the past week. The Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan, the climate issue and EU cooperation have also been at the center of the debate.

September 20, 2021, Current debate

Week 24: Debate on flight and migration on International Refugee Day

Of: The Chancellery

New figures from the UNHCR show that more than 80 million people are currently on the run and that the number has more than doubled in the last ten years. This week, the debate has revolved around several aspects of flight and migration and several debaters believe that the rich countries in the world must take joint responsibility for the situation. Democracy and climate linked to the Chinese regime have also been debated and Swedish companies should stop assisting dictatorships in oppressing LGBTQI people.

June 21, 2021, Current debate

Week 22: The climate issue, Israeli and Chinese policies in this week's debate

Of: The Chancellery

This week, the climate issue has been debated from a child rights perspective, among other things, and it has also been contrasted with the health issue. It has also continued to discuss Israel's policy and the Jewish Youth League has drawn attention to anti-Semitism in Sweden. China's policies have also been highlighted, partly due to China's treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang province.

June 8, 2021, Current debate

FUF is looking for a project manager for the Global Peace Hub

Of: The Chancellery

Are you passionate about the inclusion of young people in peace processes? Are you a fan of digital forums and networking? Are you an experienced project manager with a strong drive of your own? Then the position as project manager for the Global Peace Hub project is the right role for you! Right now, FUF is looking for a full-time project manager for this exciting project that focuses on young people […]

February 10, 2021, Internal activity

New article series on migration

Birds migrating

Of: The Chancellery

Right now it's hard to travel - and even harder to escape and migrate. But even though borders are closed due to the corona pandemic, desperation, risk-taking and migration losses remain. FUF's local group in Lund has made a whole series of articles on migration.

June 1, 2020, News

Per Olsson Fridh: It will be difficult to achieve the goals in Agenda 2030

State Secretary Per Olsson Fridh

Per Olsson Fridh is State Secretary with responsibility for the Swedish Government's international work on Agenda 2030.

Of: The Chancellery

Sweden has a stated ambition to be a world leader in achieving the global goals in Agenda 2030, in Sweden and globally. So what is Sweden doing to, for example, eradicate poverty and fight climate change in the world? FUF and Concord received an interview with State Secretary Per Olsson Fridh.

May 14, 2020, Interview