FUF is looking for a new employee: Organizational support (40%)

Of: The Chancellery

We are looking for a new employee who will act as organizational support of 40%. The position entails a twofold area of ​​responsibility as an office assistant and as editorial support. You who are applying should be interested in global development issues, unpretentious and easy to work with different types of people and to perform different types of tasks.

March 29, 2022

"The future of peace" - a new anthology with voices for sustainable peace and security

The anthology "The future of peace" contains 14 texts on how we create sustainable peace and security. It is free and can be downloaded further down the page.

Of: The Chancellery

How can children be included in the work for sustainable peace? How are climate justice and global health related to peace work? These and many other important issues are addressed by different voices for sustainable peace and security in our anthology The Future of Peace. FUF's network for global sustainable peace and security has together with the Human Security Association been involved […]

September 29

"When I came here, I heard about all the possibilities that exist" - about the Summer Academy 2017

Hillevi der Nederlanden, Paulina Orrego and Andrea García participated in the Summer Academy 2017.

At the Summer Academy, young people get to discuss global development issues, the Global Goals and what the world and Sweden are doing to achieve the goals. We interviewed some participants at the Summer Academy 2017 to find out what they thought was the most fun and educational during the training. Hey Paulina! What has been the most fun at the Summer Academy? All learning […]

March 12, 2018