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Uncontrolled proliferation of weapons is a threat to women's rights and security

Every day, an average of 257 women are murdered worldwide. Of these, almost 50 women are killed by firearms, which means that one woman dies every half hour as a result of armed violence. In 2018, 93 women in the world were murdered, over 700 of them by force caused by small and light weapons. During the pandemic, the situation has […]

, November 25, 2021


Ten percent of the world's emissions come from the fashion industry

In the early 2000s, fast fashion really began to grow. Before that, the textile industry produced only half as many clothing collections. The fashion industry has received criticism because companies in the industry do not take responsibility for social issues and environmental impact - despite the fact that the clothing industry accounts for about ten percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. - Cheap consumer products for sale […]

Of: Melanie Alphonse, November 24, 2021


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