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Almedalen - article, Report

The climate drives people from their homes

Every day people in the world are forced to flee their homes. If we don't slow down the climate crisis, 143 million people will be forced to flee by the year 2050. But are people fleeing because of climate change or because they can't make a living? 

Of: Andrea Thorgren, August 11, 2022

Almedalen - article, Report

Russia's invasion puts pressure on Sweden's defense of democracy in Ukraine

The decentralization reform that has been underway in Ukraine since 2014 has been described as one of the main reasons for the country's valiant resistance in the war against Russia - which was not on the spreadsheets of analysts around the world. Sweden has a decisive importance for the continued survival of the reform.

Of: Andreas Klawitter, July 28, 2022

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