How Slavery Built the World Cup

Many were shocked when FIFA announced their choice for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It is not only a wildcard in international football, but also notorious for the unworthy treatment of its many migrant workers. With only three years left until the first kick-off, not much seems to have improved.

Av: Åsa Setterquist och Hanna Geschewski, 10 april, 2019


Behind the Belt and Road: Textile Workers Need Their Rights

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is one of the most ambitious transnational development projects ever implemented. However, many EU analysts and policymakers fear the changes that BRI will bring to the European labour markets. This article will bring you to Prato, a key centre for the Italian textile industry, where the Chinese immigrant workers have been hired under inhumane conditions for 40 years and where the Chinese government decided to invest once again.

Av: Vittorio Capici och Wooseong Kim, 10 april, 2019

Stolen, Enslaved and now my Wife

In Kyrgyzstan, a girl is kidnapped every 40 minutes and forced into a marriage with her kidnapper. Now as #MeToo has spread around the globe, Kyrgyz women and girls are speaking out to end this practice.

Av: Iryna Sharypina och Tessa Stockburger, 10 april, 2019

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“Women are for children, boys are for pleasure”

In 2017 the Afghan government introduced a new Criminal Code explicitly addressing the under-reported issue of bacha bazi. The practice involves older men taking advantage of young boys in vulnerable situations and has increased since the fall of the Taliban regime. Although introducing new laws banning bacha bazi is a welcome move, the issue extends far beyond national laws.

Av: Alexandra Håkansson Schmidt och Lisa Elamson, 10 april, 2019

Inside Mumbai’s Red Light District

In India, addressing sex trafficking remains a challenge. A study from 2013 found that four in five female sex workers in the country have been trafficked and forced into the industry. But what happens afterwards? What are the challenges for organisations that try to support sex workers who have been trafficked? Olga González, who has recently worked in one of Asia’s largest and oldest red light areas in Mumbai, answered our questions.

Av: Johanna Caminati Engström och Jonathan Wirths, 10 april, 2019

Pope Admits to Sexual Slavery Within the Church

More and more cases of sexual misconduct by Catholic officials against nuns are coming to light. As voices for equality within the world’s largest religious organization are getting louder than ever, the Catholic Church is once again in controversy.

Av: Harmat Frigyes, 10 april, 2019

Slavery Behind the Bars

Slavery that holds the longest history in agriculture, has transformed into various forms, and is still part of our daily lives. Child labor, a reality in the cocoa production in Côte d’Ivoire, gives a bitter aftertaste to the joyful treat of chocolate.

Av: Carolina Yang och Kathrin Hegger, 9 april, 2019

In the wake of the film ROMA

The film ROMA portrays the life of an indigenous woman in Mexico and has sparked a debate about the working conditions for indigenous domestic workers in the country. Discrimination, violence and no working security are some of the risks that make up the daily work life for many of the marginalized women.

Av: Carlos Ranero och Charlotte German, 9 april, 2019