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What are you doing on September 11th?

Election day is a holiday for Swedish democracy, freedom of expression, freedom of association and political equality. And even more should show their commitment to global development issues on the ballot. For those of you who are not aware of how the political parties view various development policy issues, Utvecklingsmagasinet has previously published several articles on the topic.

Of: Marcus Karlén, September 9, 2022

Almedalen - article

Which parties touched on global issues in their Almedal speeches?

During Almedal Week, FUF's editors analyzed all party leaders' speeches and summarized whether, and if so which, global development issues the party leaders mentioned. The Moderates, the Christian Democrats and the Sweden Democrats basically focused solely on Sweden in their speeches, while the other parties in the Riksdag, for example, touched on the climate, the war in Ukraine, NATO and Swedish aid.

Of: The Chancellery, September 6, 2022


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