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The EU's war against the tech giants could be fatal

Brussels has repeatedly clashed with the global tech giants. Often justified. But the EU should try to shake off the anti-technology image if it wants to have a chance in the race for the future.

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June 7th, 2024

Development magazine explains

Opportunities and risks with the EU's new migration pact

In April, the EU finally voted through a new migration pact. While the broad center in the European Parliament believes that the pact constitutes an important compromise and creates solidarity, both human rights organizations and voices critical of immigrants have criticized the agreement. The development magazine analyzes the arguments for and against the pact.

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June 5th, 2024

The texts in Utvecklingsmagasinet are written by FUF's non-profit writers and
correspondents as well as various guest writers who are knowledgeable in the field of global development.

3 weeks ago

FUF - The Association for Development Issues
Hello and happy Friday!🦦 Today is the time for the last takeover for this time, and I'm responsible for it. My name is Ebba and this semester I did my internship at SIANI, which stands for the very long: Swedish International Agriculture Network Initiative. SIANI is a network based at the Stockholm Environment Institute, which is located in the middle of beautiful Östermalm, near the diplomatic city. A little bit about me and my academic background: I am studying the bachelor's program in Peace and Development Studies in Uppsala, and this is my last semester. So that means I graduate next week! I majored in Development Studies and have a great interest in issues related to the environment and climate adaptation, different societal perspectives, equality and a lot of other things. Today you will get to follow along on a normal day as an intern, and what we at SIANI do. Join the stories and you will hear more and have the chance to ask questions!🌞First picture: Me in a Teams meeting (or actually just before it starts!)Second and third picture: Pictures from the nice and currently summery office! ... See moreSee less
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Hello there! Our names are Daniel and Tobias and we are doing our internship semester at Sida. Join us today and see what a working day can look like!! We also run a Q&A on story until 14 so ask questions🫶-----------------------Hello! My name is Tobias and I am an intern at the unit for Asia with a thematic focus on environmental and climate issues. The internship takes place within the framework of the last semester of the candidate global studies at the University of Gothenburg. Initially, there was a big focus on me learning how Sida worked in general and understanding the systems that are used. My colleagues were very welcoming and made me feel prioritized and the solid introduction made me feel confident in taking on great responsibility and carrying out interesting tasks. Another positive aspect of the focus being on learning is that you get great opportunities to allocate your own time and take part in interesting meetings and lectures. But this has also been part of the greatest difficulty that I have experienced. Namely time management, it can be difficult to choose when there is so much fun and interesting but it is really important to try to be careful and plan your time. In conclusion, I would like to say that my time at Sida has been fantastically fun and educational and I hope to come back here in the future.----------------------Hello! My name is Daniel and I am an intern at the DEMO unit (Democracy, human rights and principles of the rule of law). I have had to do everything possible and so far have not had two weeks alike. In many ways, the internship semester has been an extension of the studies, where I have mainly worked on preparing projects, which means in concrete terms that you write assessments for projects that Sida finances. At the same time, I have learned an incredible amount of new things and had meetings with many exciting partners.It was obvious for me to do an internship, because I wanted to go out and test what I had learned and gain work experience from an authority that works with development issues and an international perspective. This semester has been incredibly fun and exciting, with fantastic colleagues and a wonderful intern group to hang out with. ... See moreSee less
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Hello!My name is Jeanna, I am turning 35 soon, and I am an intern at Sida's thematic department for equality and democracy and human rights. Sida's thematic department is a so-called "support department", they carry out, for example, analysis of the environment and results, provide thematic support and deliver reports to the government.I'm a sociologist and graduated in 2015, but now I'm in my last semester of the master's program in human rights. I have worked in Social Services for a long time and am currently on leave. I'm also the oldest of all the interns and it doesn't bother me one bit, it's fun to change careers and spend time with people of all ages 🥰At Sida, I am part of an expert group that will contribute with a new letter on gender based violence. Since I worked with this before, my perspectives have come into use. I have also done a mapping of Sida's efforts for people with disabilities, helped a group that delivered a letter to the government about democracy and made various presentations + much more. Hope you want to follow me today! I will update until about 14.00 on stories, where you can ask me questions 🙂 ... See moreSee less
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- Independent journalism is needed more than ever and forms the backbone of everything to do with democracy and sustainable development, says Parul Sharma, human rights lawyer and ambassador for Development Magazine. We are fast approaching 2030 – the year when the 17 global sustainability goals that the world's countries have agreed upon must be met. This means that we will soon have abolished all extreme poverty in the world, reduced inequality and injustice, promoted peace and justice and solved the climate crisis. And to achieve these goals, journalism about sustainable development is needed. But why is journalism such an important part of global development? Because fact-based information is a prerequisite for people from different parts of society to be able to understand and get involved in issues related to sustainable development, by, for example, making sustainable choices in life. Monitoring sustainable development also puts pressure on politicians to act on these issues and holds them accountable to their promises. Do you want to do like Parul Sharma and support Utvekklingmagasinet's independent journalism on sustainable development? Then you can swipe an amount of your choice to 123 481 86 13. Many thanks! ... See moreSee less
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