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The Peace Wall divides the people of Belfast

In western Belfast, life is flowing for most people. Although their everyday lives are similar to most others, the neighborhood they live in is completely unique. Here, two groups live side by side, but rarely together. As an outsider, I only understood when I came to Belfast that this division is not an abstract feeling, but […]

Of: Wilma Sörman Ivarzon, January 21, 2022

FUF-correspondents, Report

Street art depicts the oppression in Northern Ireland - and in the world 

The November air is crisp and cold. The drizzle makes the area around Falls Road in Northern Ireland's capital Belfast look even grayer than usual. Despite the weather, the area is lively, and the residents of the area can mingle with the tourists on the narrow sidewalk. Just like we are many of them here to participate in guided tours […]

Of: Wilma Sörman Ivarzon, January 20, 2022


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