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Romania's resources are running out for Ukrainian refugees

Many Ukrainians who have fled Russia's war of invasion and come to Romania have found themselves in a vulnerable economic situation. The Romanian government has changed the financial support package for the refugees and the country's largest refugee center, Romexpo, is receiving fewer and fewer donations.
- I have sold things to afford to live, says Tanya, who fled the Ukrainian city of Odessa in the spring of 2022.  

Of: Daniel Diaz, September 20, 2023


Stop unpaid internships if you value diversity and inclusion

With lots of new experiences and contacts, I went home from my internship in Mozambique. Five months of unpaid internship, however, stings the wallet. But I could afford to put this sought-after internship on my CV, which is a direct result of socio-economic privilege - and I think it needs to be noticed, writes Ellinor Berglund, former intern at the Swedish Embassy in Maputo.

Of: Ellinor Berglund, August 24, 2023


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