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Young and highly educated people are leaving Hungary – as a result of Orbán's policies

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Fidesz, the nationalist ruling party, have over the past decade systematically dismantled the country's democratic institutions. In an increasingly harsh economic and political climate, many young and highly educated Hungarians choose to move abroad. What can attract them back? Can liberal winds blowing across former nationalist ally Poland bring hope for change?

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February 26


The war in Tigray is over, but peace lingers and famine threatens

The situation in Ethiopia is critical. There are several armed conflicts going on in the country, while food shortages are spreading and the economy is in crisis. The risk is high of mass extinction in Tigray - the region that has been affected by one of the bloodiest and most destructive wars of our time. Without dialogue between leaders of the country's various ethnic groups about how the borders should look between the regions and what kind of governance the country should have, it is difficult to see how any real peace can be achieved in Ethiopia. This is written by Pierre Frühling, former diplomat, aid worker and journalist.

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February 19

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- Independent journalism is needed more than ever and forms the backbone of everything to do with democracy and sustainable development, says Parul Sharma, human rights lawyer and ambassador for Development Magazine. We are fast approaching 2030 – the year when the 17 global sustainability goals that the world's countries have agreed upon must be met. This means that we will soon have abolished all extreme poverty in the world, reduced inequality and injustice, promoted peace and justice and solved the climate crisis. And to achieve these goals, journalism about sustainable development is needed. But why is journalism such an important part of global development? Because fact-based information is a prerequisite for people from different parts of society to be able to understand and get involved in issues related to sustainable development, by, for example, making sustainable choices in life. Monitoring sustainable development also puts pressure on politicians to act on these issues and holds them accountable to their promises. Do you want to do like Parul Sharma and support Utvekklingmagasinet's independent journalism on sustainable development? Then you can swipe an amount of your choice to 123 481 86 13. Many thanks! ... See moreSee less
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