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When Men Care

The fight against gender-based violence has often been cast as a women’s issue. However, successful programmes in Africa show the importance of engaging men and boys in the discussion.

Av: Siobhán Coskeran och Yvonne Jila, 10 december, 2018

A hijra

No Space for ‘Otherness’

What happens if you don’t behave like your gender ‘should’? Examples from Native American, Indian and Iranian cultures highlight that gender is diverse, but that the acknowledgement of gender variance doesn’t necessarily make us inclusive.

Av: Hanna Geschewski och Lauren Tropeano, 10 december, 2018

The Russian parliament

Russia Gives Green Light to Domestic Violence

The Istanbul Convention is a legal framework that seeks to prevent and combat violence against women. In Russia, where it is estimated that 14,000 women die every year as a result of domestic violence, the signing and ratification of the Convention is an urgent matter. But instead, last year Russia chose to decriminalise some forms of domestic violence.

Av: Lisa Elamson och Maria Ricksten, 10 december, 2018

Sex Workers Demand Rights Not Rescue

The International Day to end Violence against Sex Workers takes place on the 17th of December every year. This day is to remind us how discrimination often stemming from laws against sex workers can perpetuate and even legitimise violence. The international day of activism was initiated following the trial against American serial killer Gary Ridgway, […]

Av: Kathrin Hegger och Tessa Stockburger, 10 december, 2018

Empowering Women Yields More Food

Gender-based violence (GBV) refers to the denial of resources aside from the physical or emotional abuse, according to the UN. Women in agriculture face GBV with regards to both disproportionate workload and limited access to land and resources compared to their male counterparts. It is therefore essential to recognize the contribution of female farmers, and to end the unequal access to resources.

Av: Carolina Yang, 10 december, 2018


LGBTQ+ Rights Are Under Threat in Indonesia

Individuals identifying with or belonging to the LGBTQ+ community are under attack in Indonesia. Since 2015, the violence towards the LGBTQ+ community has been on the rise. The violence has in many cases been sanctioned by the Indonesian state, who are further fueling hostile attitudes towards the community.

Av: Alexandra Håkansson Schmidt, 10 december, 2018