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Russian military company approaches Mali - has been accused of war crimes

The global security policy arena is changing and Russian privately owned military companies are currently advancing around the world. Private Military Companies, so-called PMCs, can provide front-line service, provide strategic advice and training, or provide services such as logistics, maintenance and intelligence services to the armed forces. The expansion of the Russian PMCs, especially in Africa, has […]

Of: Linnea Ljungar, December 2, 2021


The presidential election in Zambia - a victory for democracy

On Zambia's election day, August 12 this year, Pezo Mateo-Phiri was in the eastern part of the country - in the Malambo constituency. The atmosphere was calm and peaceful when she, like 70 percent of the population, queued to cast her vote. In addition to a few cases of violence, the election went smoothly, confirming among other things […]

Of: Linnea Boström, December 1, 2021


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