Board of Directors

As a member of FUF, are you interested in sitting on FUF's board? Or do you know someone who you think would be an asset to FUF's board? Then send another email Election Committee. Feel free to tell us:
- how the person could contribute to the development of FUF by sitting on the board
- about interests and backgrounds related to FUF's activities
- if you can commit to actively participate in board work for at least one year, where you also take on special assignments.
FUF welcomes all tips and nominations. We especially encourage people who contribute to the board in various ways diversity.

The board is elected during FUF's annual meeting, which is in March every year.

FUF has a non-profit board consisting of:

Anna Blücher, Chair

Anna Blücher works as a policy advisor at ForumCiv with a focus on opinion and advocacy work in development aid policy and Agenda 2030. Anna has a bachelor's degree in development studies from Lund University and a master's degree in political science and international relations from Stockholm University. She has done internships for Individual Human Aid in Nepal and at CONCORD Sweden. Anna has been active in FUF since 2012, including as a writer for FUF-bladet, in Almedalsredaktionen and in the professional network Young Professionals. Anna has been a member of FUF's board since 2014. 

Rolf Carlman

Master of Science in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, KTH and Economics at Stockholm University. Worked with development and development assistance issues since the mid 70's. UN Regional Commission for West Asia, UNESCWA, Beirut; Research study in Yemen in 1978. Since 1980, Rolf has been working i.a. as program manager and acting head of authority for SAREC - the Board for developing country research and at SIDA / Sida as head of the energy section, head of the departments for research collaboration, infrastructure and financial cooperation and operational management. Positions abroad as an industrial administrator at the embassy Hanoi, chargéd'affaires in Laos, head of the Swedish Institute in Alexandria and in Jerusalem as head of development assistance to the West Bank / Gaza. Previous board assignments in the Medical Research Council, Swedfund, The Swedish UNESCO Council and currently in Hand-in-Hand, Sweden. Since retirement project assignments for i.a. Page. FUF chairman 2013-2018. 

Lennart Wohlgemuth

Lennart was most recently a visiting professor of African Studies with a special focus on Swedish and European development aid policy at School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg. Previously worked as director of the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala 1993-2005 and for 28 years at Sida, seven years as head of the sector department and seven years as head of the education agency. Member of the boards of FUF and the European Movement and senior advisor for Global Challenge. 

Petrea Defruit

Petra has worked as a communications consultant for over 20 years with clients from business, organizations, authorities and other societal actors. In recent years, her assignments have often been about digital transformation. Her interest in global development issues comes from her great interest in people, our surroundings and the equal right of all individuals to security, care and development. Petra has for many years been involved in various development projects, including a newly started NGO in Tanzania with the aim of creating a model for support for people who have ended up outside the social network. 

Karl Fahlvik

Call is currently studying for a master's degree in global development in Paris. He previously studied his bachelor's degree in human rights at Malmö University with a specialization in the Middle East. Kalle co-founded the local group and led FUF Malmö for a year and a half and has spent the past year on FUF's board and worked to drive the local groups' issues. 

Pelle Persson

Master of Science in Engineering, Roads and Water and Urban Development, KTH, and did the dirty work at Sandöskolan. Worked with development and development aid issues since the beginning of the 80's, for UN-Habitat i Mozambique, World Bank in Washington and on Page. Has previously been head of the energy section, transport section and urban unit at Sida. Has been stationed abroad as an infrastructure manager at the embassy in Dar es Salaam, as well as in Windhoek and Sarajevo as head of aid to Namibia and Bosnia respectively & Herzegovina. Has board assignments in Action Aid.

Jenny Grenander

Jenny works as HR manager at the Swedish Afghanistan Committee (SAK). Before joining SAK, she worked as the first student ombudsman with a focus on membership recruitment, later deputy head of unit for the same activity at one of the Saco unions. She is a trained personnel scientist and has experience from various non-profit assignments within association life.

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