Board of Directors

As a member of FUF, are you interested in sitting on FUF's board? Or do you know someone who you think would be an asset to FUF's board? Then send another email Election Committee. Feel free to tell us:
- how the person could contribute to the development of FUF by sitting on the board
- about interests and backgrounds related to FUF's activities
- if you can commit to actively participate in board work for at least one year, where you also take on special assignments.
FUF welcomes all tips and nominations. We especially encourage people who contribute to the board in various ways diversity.

The board is elected during FUF's annual meeting, which is in March every year.

FUF has a non-profit board consisting of:

Anna Blücher, Chair

Anna Blücher works as a policy advisor at ForumCiv with a focus on opinion and influence work within aid policy and Agenda 2030. Anna has a bachelor's degree in development studies from Lund University and a master's degree in political science and international relations from Stockholm University. She has done an internship for Individual Human Help in Nepal and at CONCORD Sweden. Anna has been active in FUF since 2012, including as a writer for FUF-bladet, in the Almedalsredaktionen and in the professional network Young Professionals. Anna has been a member of FUF's board since 2014.

Rolf Carlman

Rolf is a civil engineer, mechanical engineering, KTH and has studied economics at Stockholm University. He has worked with development and aid issues since the mid-70s. First at the UN Regional Commission for West Asia, UNESCWA, followed by a research study in Yemen in 1978. In Swedish aid, Rolf has, among other things, worked as program manager and acting head of authority for the Board for Developing Countries Research, SAREC, and as head of department for the departments research cooperation, infrastructure and economic cooperation and operational management at Sida. The work has also included postings abroad as industrial officer at the embassy in Hanoi, chargé d'affaires in Laos, head of the Swedish Institute in Alexandria and in Jerusalem as head of aid to the West Bank/Gaza. Rolf has been a board member of the Medical Research Council, Swedfund, and the Swedish UNESCO Council. In addition to the board assignment in FUF, where Rolf was chairman 2013–2018, he is currently also a member of the board of Hand-in-Hand, Sweden.

Lennart Wohlgemuth

Lennart was most recently visiting professor in African Studies with a special focus on Swedish and European aid policy at the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg. Lennart has previously worked as director of the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala 1993-2005 and for 28 years at Sida, seven years as head of the sector department and seven years as head of the education office. Lennart is also chairman of the European movement.

Karl Fahlvik

Kalle joined FUF through his founding and involvement in the local group FUF Malmö and has been on the board since 2021. He obtained his master's from Sciences Po in Paris in 2023 and has experience from the OECD where he worked with capacity-building initiatives in developing countries. During the past year, he has continued his specialization in technology and innovation issues by dividing his time between UNCTAD and a startup in Stockholm.

Lena Martens Kalmelid

Lena has worked with aid in the field, for We Effect and Vi-Skogen in southern and eastern Africa, and earlier, in the late nineties, for the Africa groups in Mozambique. She has also sat on the board of the Africa Groups, between 2000 and 2011, and for the last three years she was chairman. Now she is doing a second stay on the same board. She came back to Sweden in 2020, and then started working for the Nature Conservation Association, not within the international program but with local involvement in Sweden.

Julia Carlzon

Julia has a bachelor's degree in human rights from Enskilda University in Stockholm, and works as a communicator at Oxfam Sweden. In addition to her commitment and work in human rights, she has a great interest in music and freelances as often as she can. Her biggest heart issue is precisely companies' responsibility for human rights. Since 2020, she has been involved in the issue of EU legislation in the area, including within Amnesty Business Group Stockholm and Fair Action's online activists, and herself wrote a debating text about why corporate responsibility is so important, published in FUF's anthology in autumn 2022. In addition to corporate responsibility, she is passionate about indigenous rights, not least the rights of the Sami people in Sweden and indigenous peoples in South America.

Karin Klerby

Karin Klerby Blomqvist is passionate about issues of justice, communication of complex issues and listens to an unnecessarily large number of political podcasts. She attended her first FUF meeting in the fall of 2016. It was love at first sight, and with experience as a volunteer, clerk and board member, she has seen many different sides of the association. In addition to the involvement in FUF, Karin has experience from several years in the foreign administration where she worked with Agenda 2030, at the Africa Unit and most recently as a political reporter, communicator and promoter at the Swedish Embassy in Monrovia, Liberia. She has previously studied geography and is currently completing a master's in environmental care and physical planning at Stockholm University.

Axel Selin

Axel is currently completing his master's degree in development studies at Lund University. He holds a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Amsterdam, where he also engaged in green transition projects through the student-led organization Green Office. Axel has a strong commitment to human rights, gender equality and climate policy. He joined FUF as an intern in the fall of 2023, where he mainly contributed to the work on FUF's previous project, The Global Peace Hub.

Christina Jamil

Kristina is the founder and president of Educated Girls for Excellence, a non-profit organization that offers free educational programs for women and girls in Arabic-speaking countries. For her involvement in women's issues, Kristina was awarded the international scholarship "Young Women in Public Affairs" by Zonta International. Her interest in women's rights from an international perspective was awakened in the meantime as an activist in Kvinna till Kvinna, where she was active for two and a half years. Kristina also holds the position of second vice-chairman of Sweden's Student Council, where she has previously also been board secretary. With an interest in global development issues and experience in journalism from Länstidningen Södertälje, Kristina has also practiced at Global Bar Magazine, which reports on aid issues. It was as study visit coordinator at FUF-Stockholm Södra that she became active within FUF. As study visit coordinator, she has organized visits to embassies, authorities and organisations. She is now part of the FUF board's Thematic Working Group. Kristina is currently in her second year at Campus Viktor Rydberg's high school, where she studies Social Behaviour.

Camila Mohabat

Camilla is a communicator with expertise in communication for social change, with a particular focus on health issues. She has previously worked at the UN in Copenhagen, Tanzania and Egypt and at a communications agency in London where she worked with communications and brand strategy for philanthropic foundations. Currently, she is the Director of Communications at D-tree, an organization working in digital health in Southern Africa, based in Lusaka, Zambia. Camilla loves stories, telling and hearing them, and strongly believes in storytelling as a form of change work.

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