Ulrika Modéer. Photo: Kristian Pohl, Government Offices
Ulrika Modéer, 53 years. Assistant Secretary-General at the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, previously Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head of Policy, Diakonia, International Manager, Diakonia as well different roles in development cooperation in Latin America, including the UNvolunteer in Guatemala. 

When and how did you get involved in FUF?
I have followed FUF since 1994å I moved to Stockholm and started working professionally with international development cooperation. For a period I sat on the FUF's board. 

What issues were you passionate about and thought were important during your time at FUF? What issues do you consider to be the major development issues at that time?
Fuf äis a unique meeting place för younger and older active in and interested in international politics and development cooperation. FUF contributes to the development of knowledge and ideas and to strengthening Sweden's competence base and hopefully efforts for a more peaceful, fairer and more sustainable world. 

Do you want to share a memory from your time at FUF?
My strongest impression has always been the uniqueness in that people of different generations, with different experiences, etcöts and shares his commitment, knowledge and network. FUF är knowledgeable and generous and that äis important in a time like this. I especially remember when Noak Löfgren started the 'Aid Debate' an initiative för to få more that ställa questions and söka answer about what är 'good beastånd'. Much needed! 

What do you think is FUF's strength?
The meeting place! I hope that more people who retire from international professional roles will be as generous as the researchers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Sida employees who generously shared their time and experience.  

What do you think FUF should focus on going forward?
I think FUF should invite more yet more diversity, that är fantastic with the unique the age range, with members from research, different professional experiences and students - but there is room for yet more diversity. I also hope that FUF and FUF's members can inform a too shallow and irrelevant debate about how to use 'aid' as a toolbox in a very uncertain and troubled world. Development never stops, it just takes different paths - I hope the same will gälla FUF and I would like to contribute. 


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