Talent Yusuf Ahmed, 23 years old. Student.

 When and how did you get involved in FUF?
I first got involved in FUF in the fall of 2021, when I joined the editorial board. 

What issues were you passionate about and thought were important during your time at FUF? What issues do you consider to be the major development issues at that time?
I have always had a great interest and drive for equality issues, which is really broad, frmost I have focused on East Africa in my texts, as I have a great interest in and a personal connection to the region. I consider the major development issues to be the handling and development of the humanitarian crises around the world, and of course the war in Ukraine.  

Do you want to share a memory from your time at FUF? 
I was part of the Almedalsredaktionen summer 2022 and it was fantastic, I must say. I remember when I dared to leave my comfort zone. I dared to approach people, conducted interviews and got great feedback, and we were such a lovely bunch. The whole week was a nice memory I will never forget.  

What do you think is FUF's strength? 
FUF's staff. I can honestly say that they are such competent, empathetic and encouraging people. You join FUF to develop and they support you in that.  

What do you think FUF should focus on going forward?
I think FUF should focus on encouraging more people to take part in the existing networks, above all by conducting interviews. It can feel scary, but it's really when you develop! At least that's how I personally felt. 

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