FUF's Mentorship Program

FUF wants to give back to its young, committed members! Are you voluntarily involved in FUF you are therefore offered the opportunity to have your own mentor at the beginning of each new semester.

Through the mentorship program, FUF wants to take advantage of all the knowledge and experience that our highly qualified professional / retired member base possesses and connect them with our younger employees. The idea is to create opportunities for these two member groups to meet and exchange thoughts, ideas and experiences regarding studies, career choices and common areas of interest.

Program layout
At the beginning of the semester, FUF organizes a joint start-up meeting. Mentors and students are responsible for planning meetings and meeting about 2-3 times / semester for at least one semester. There is also a digital discussion platform in the form of a closed LinkedIn group where everyone who is part of the mentorship program, mentors as well as students, can join if they want. Here, tips, thoughts and ideas can be exchanged even after the end of the program. At the end of the semester, the FUF asks the mentor and the trainee to evaluate their meetings.

How do I get a mentor?
FUF calls for mentors by sending emails within its network twice a year (before each semester). Professionals / pensioners who are interested in becoming mentors to one or more trainees register their interest in mentor@fuf.se. The request is then sent out to all non-profit members of FUF's communication groups and local groups when the work in the various groups has started for the semester. After the last application date, FUF matches mentors and students.

Who can get a mentor?
The one who…

... is involved in a non-profit organization or does an internship within FUF.
… Wants tips and advice from someone with experience of working professionally with global development issues / international cooperation.
… Is available to plan meetings and meet his mentor about 2-3 times / semester for at least one semester.

Who can become a mentor?
Who is…

...member of FUF.
… Interested in sharing their knowledge and experience of working with global development issues / international cooperation to one or a couple of young people who are entering / are new to the labor market.
… Available to plan meetings and meet one or more students about 2-3 times / semester for at least one semester.

Contact us
Ina Carlsson is coordinator of the program on a non-profit basis. Get in touch mentor@fuf.se if you want to become a mentor or have any questions about the mentorship program!

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