Vienna shows the way forward in the global housing shortage

Many countries and cities in the world have problems with housing shortages - despite the fact that all people must have access to affordable and safe housing by 2030 at the latest, according to the global goals. Photo: Agnes Fältman.

Of: Agnes Fältman

According to Agenda 2030, all people must have access to affordable and safe housing by 2030 at the latest, something that cities around the world are fighting hard to achieve. Vienna has long been considered one of the cities in the world with the highest standard of living. This is partly due to the city's unique system of low-cost municipal tenancies, which today house more than half of the residents. How has Vienna managed to do what so many other cities around the world have not? 

November 9, 2023, FUF-correspondents, Report

Saturday at Almedal Week: Security issues and regional work with Agenda 2030

Both Johan Pehrson (L) and Linda Lindberg (SD) focused on domestic politics in their speeches in Almedalen. Photo: FUF.

Of: The Chancellery

During Almedalen's last day, Johan Pehrson (L) and Linda Lindberg (SD) held their party leadership speeches. Johan Pehrson spoke mainly about domestic issues but also mentioned the climate issue and security, while Linda Lindberg only spoke about domestic politics. FUF also interviewed Victoria Öjefors Quinn, political secretary for the Left Party Gotland, about the regional work with Agenda 2030.

July 2, 2023, Almedalen - current

Reduced aid and increased poverty: "A development heading in the wrong direction"

Agricultural aid is a low priority in Swedish aid, but the Africa Groups' secretary general, Louise Lindfors, believes that it is central to development in southern Africa. Photo: Department of foreign affairs and trade/Africa groups. Source: Flickr/Africa groups.

Of: Amanda Rossling

It is a revolutionary time for Sweden's civil society organisations. The restructuring as the Swedish government has done in aid has meant both cuts to developing countries and to civil society in Sweden.

April 12, 2023, Interview

Food production is affected by climate change – wine and coffee in the risk zone

Climate change is forcing winegrowers in France to adapt to heat waves and drought. Photo: Jill Wellington. Source: Pixabay.

Of: Vendela Permat's Hammarbäck

Rising temperatures as a result of climate change affect food and food security throughout the world. Winegrowers in France are noticing the climate changes - and many have been forced to adapt their vineyards in order to maintain the same quality of the wine. - You are constantly worrying about what the weather will be like, says a wine grower to Utvecklingsmagasinet.  

April 3, 2023, FUF-correspondents, Report

Australia's new climate policy – ​​praised and criticized

Scientists as well as climate activists believe that Australia is in a climate emergency - and several actors criticize the country's government for a lack of action. Photo: John Englart. Source: Flickr.

Of: Signe Andersson

The consequences of climate change continue to affect Australia. The country has voted through its first climate change bill in ten years, but the law has been heavily criticized and is considered an ambitious but hollow proposal. Australia could take a much greater responsibility for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, say several actors. 

March 30, 2023, FUF-correspondents, Report

New Swedish aid policy: Conversation with State Secretary Diana Janse

State Secretary Diana Janse

Date and time: 24 Jan, 16:30 - 18:00

To report » The aid's one percent target and the role of development cooperation have been widely discussed recently. At the same time, we see the importance of short- and long-term support worldwide as a result of the consequences of climate change, diminishing democratic spaces, the unimaginable lack of equality, and humanitarian disasters - even in our immediate area. Sweden got a new government last autumn. The budget bill and […]

January 11, 2023, Calendar, Seminars

Actionable action is required to counter the illegal international arms flow

In order to regain security on our streets in Sweden, and a more peaceful world globally, it is more urgent than ever to both prevent and stop the illegal flow of weapons. This is written by Olle Thorell (S) and Magdalena Thuresson (M), members of parliament for the foreign affairs committee, as well as Karin Olofsson, secretary general of the Parliamentary Forum for light weapons issues. Photo: St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office. Source: Wikimedia commons.

Of: Karin Olofsson, Magdalena Thuresson and Olle Thorell

The violence resulting from illegal weapons have devastating consequences worldwider – human, social and economic. For sustainable development and peace force is required to stop the illegal flow of weapons. Wednesday, December 14 special attention is paid to the issue in riksdagen when parliamentarians, civil society, experts and other representatives gather for the Parliamentarian Forum for Light Weapons-of questions (The Forum's) 20th anniversary seminar. 

December 14, 2022, Debate

Development in practice: An intern's insights on grassroot collaborations in Peru

Development in Practice

Date and time: 20 Oct, 18:00 - 19:00

To apply» Are you interested in development work? Do you want to hear more about grassroot collaborations in Peru? Then this event is for you! FUF Lund and Medborgarskolan invite you to an inspiring presentation about development work in Peru experienced by Martin Bengtsson, former intern at Svalorna Latinamerika, the 20th of October at 6pm. […]

October 5, 2022, English, Calendar, Local group, Seminars

Music quiz – Theme global development

music quiz

Date and time: 13 Oct, 17:30

To registration » Welcome to music quiz - theme global development! Thursday, October 13 at At 17:30, the FUF office opens its doors for a music quiz for anyone with an interest in the outside world and global development issues. During the evening, we offer coffee and prize distribution. It is also possible to participate via zoom. So gather up family and friends either […]

October 4, 2022, Calendar, Seminars

Agricultural reform in Peru raises both hope and criticism

Peru has developed an agricultural reform that will serve as a support package for small farmers and to modernize agriculture in the country. But the reform has received both positive and negative reactions. Pictured: Potato harvest in Viraco. Photo: Leo Berggren-Lagercrantz.

Of: Leo Berggren-Lagercrantz

One in four Peruvians live on agriculture and many small producers in rural Peru struggle daily to survive. Now the government is starting the implementation of the new agricultural reform in the country - an initiative that has aroused both enthusiasm and criticism.

March 11, 2022, FUF-correspondents