Information for workplaces that want to receive an intern via FUF 

Are you an organization, authority or company that works with global issues, development cooperation and Agenda 2030? Do you want to give a student an insight into working life while giving you the opportunity to take part in the latest in academia? Then you should apply to have an intern placed through FUF! 

Hosting an intern is an excellent opportunity for mutual exchange. We always strive for a win-win situation where intern and workplace get as much positive out of each other as possible. The internship not only strengthens the intern's employability - it also enriches the workplace in many different ways. Over the years, FUF has taken hundreds of interns to workplaces that work to make the world better - for example CONCORD, International IDEA, Läkarmissionen, SIANI, ForumCiv and Sida. 

It is important that you read through the information below as well as the attached conditions, as from 2024 we will not be able to offer an Intern Program as before, but only support with marketing and referral of candidates. 

Cost of participation in FUF's trainee mediation (excluding VAT): 

  • Authority/company/larger organisation: SEK 10
  • Small civil society organization or FUF supporter: SEK 5
  • Page: Information to come

The internship agency's process: 

  • As a workplace, you submit an advertisement to FUF (after reading the conditions and tips). If the internship placement does not require knowledge of Swedish, use the English form below. 
  • FUF goes through the advertisements received and makes a selection. We only accept internships whose profiles correspond to the thematic focus of global issues, development cooperation and Agenda 2030. We are keen that the internships provide a learning opportunity with relevant tasks for the interns. We make our selection of internships based on i.a. this and on our capacity.  
  • Selected locations are informed and then confirm their participation by paying the participation fee and signing an agreement with FUF. 
  • FUF markets the places. 
  • FUF accepts applications from students. Candidates only submit an application to FUF and are matched against all internships in the internship bank. Our candidate bank usually consists of around 300 candidates each semester. 
  • FUF makes an initial selection among the candidates and sends 4-6 people's CVs and applications to you. You conduct interviews yourself and agree on who or whom you want to offer an internship.

Timetable for recruitment for the autumn semester 2024:  

  • January 31: Last day to submit your ad via the form below
  • February 1: Feedback and confirmation of participation
  • February 2-25: Application open
  • March 11-15: The internships receive their selection of candidates
  • April 12: Recruitment ends

The schedule is set to match the universities and admissions, as the interns must be enrolled in an internship course for the current semester. This ensures that they are insured during their internship period, as well as that the internship is part of their education. 

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