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Today, FUF has 11 fantastic FUF supporters who contribute to independent debate and public education on sustainable global development.

Why does FUF need supporters?

FUF works to spread knowledge, create debate and commitment to a just and sustainable world. We do that, for example, by arranging seminars on the climate issue, publishing articles on human rights, gathering research on aid, and giving youths the tools to be heard in the development policy debate. However, this costs money and our supporters’ contributions make it possible for us to continue to be a platform for all this. Through our supporters, we can continue to fight to achieve our vision:

"Our vision is that the Swedish public has good knowledge of global development. With increased knowledge, more people are acting for a fair and sustainable world, both on a personal level and by making demands on those in power. Sweden's role in the world is noticed and debated in the media and in politics, culture, and education. The debate is fact-based and provides space for a diversity of perspectives and voices. Swedish authorities in politics and business take responsibility for social, environmental, and economic sustainability in their decision-making. Actors from different sectors cooperate and attack our global challenges from a holistic perspective."

What is a FUF supporter?

Our FUF supporters are organizations, companies, and authorities that share our vision about a fair and sustainable world and who support us through an unconditional annual financial support.

What do I get back as a FUF supporter?

As a thank you and as a proof of the support, we publish FUF supporters’ logotypes with links on our websites and, and can link their possible events in our calendar here on FUF's website. Our supporters can also show that they support the dissemination of knowledge for a fair and sustainable world by putting FUF's logo on their websites.

Our supporters become an obvious part of our large network in the development sector which we have built up during our almost 50 years as an organization. We see also gladly different types of collaborations with our supporters. Maybe you want to co-arrange a seminar, be a part of our Internship Program or receive help with the spread of reports and debate articles. We also offer our supporters visibility in our social media channels and newsletters.

How do I become a FUF supporter?

It's easy! You start by emailing and tell us why your company, organization, or authority wants to support us, and we will start the dialogue there.

- Together we can work for a fair and sustainable world! 

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