Venkateshappa and Ramamurthy

Involving men in gender equality

There is a strong women’s movement in India. Men’s participation in the movement is, however, still limited. In order to successfully work with gender equality, the women rights organisation Grameena Mahila Okkuta is educating men.

Av: Linda Zetterström, 13 mars, 2020

Scrapyard in Ghana
Long read

They want to turn the scrapyard into an opportunity

Ghana is trying to deal sustainably with the increasing amounts of e-waste in the country. In the metal scrapyard in Agbobloshie, Accra, young men dismantle various machineries to obtain scrap parts. The working conditions are dangerous but many workers see the scrapyard as an escape route out of poverty.

Av: Johanna Caminati Engström, 3 mars, 2020


From parliament to prominent – the new wave of activism

Both of us remember hearing news of a girl named Greta on strike alone in front of the Swedish Parliament, holding a sign reading “Skolstrejk för klimatet”. It was hard to imagine then that a few months later, on 20 September 2019, she would inspire more than four  million people to follow her example at […]

Av: Hanna Geschewski och Lauren Tropeano, 31 januari, 2020

Protests in Lebanon

Is a Lebanese Revolution underway?

In Lebanon, thousands of people are expressing their grievances as the government announced to impose a tax on WhatsApp. Deep structural crises have culminated in one of the largest protests to occur in Lebanon in 14 years.

Av: Donya Zikry, 31 januari, 2020


The fight for reproductive rights in Mexico

In 1993, the femicide of 13-year-old Alma Chavira Farel was reported to the police of Ciudad Juarez. This report marked the beginning of an investigation that discovered “Las Muertas de Juarez” (The Dead Women of Juarez) and that brought to light the violence that women suffer in Mexico. This situation incited the women to mobilize […]

Av: Carlos Ranero, 31 januari, 2020

Guest piece

Online Gender Activism in India: Working Through the Fears

A year has passed since #MeToo galvanised online gender activism in India. But as defamation cases rise and the accused remain powerful, activists need to look back at what made online activism so powerful in the first place.

Av: Shruti Sharada, 31 januari, 2020

Tara Krishnaswamy

The Fight to Increase Women’s Political Power in India Continues

Even if the proportion of women in parliament increased after the 2019 election, the gender imbalance in Indian politics remains. FUF Magazine has interviewed one of the initiative-takers of the Indian movement Shakti, Tara Krishnaswamy, who is fighting for more women in politics.

Av: Josefine Nilsson, 30 januari, 2020

Activism for supply chain laws?

In Germany, an initiative of several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is raising awareness of a draft law that can improve the lives of millions of people and the environment: the Supply Chain Act. But broad public recognition is still lacking.

Av: Kathrin Hegger, 30 januari, 2020