Changing the world by re-discovering your story

Many times, people use the word “Nature” to refer to a place where they can feel peace, relaxation, and connection to their inner selves, away from busy city life. I believe there is much more to it. A week ago, I was walking through a forest with trees in all autumn colors you can imagine. […]

Av: Hana Begovic, 23 november, 2020

Beyond the border

It feels strange to release an issue about migration in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. The irony of writing about the movement of people at a time when movement has been so severely restricted is not lost on us.  Yet the reminders of desperation, risk and loss that often accompany migration are present even […]

Av: Lauren Tropeano, 1 juni, 2020

people migrating
Guest piece

(How) can migration contribute to development?

My interest in the relationship between migration and development grew when anti-immigration discourses started to gain a stronger foothold in Europe and the US. In the meantime, the largest refugee crisis since the second world war took place in parts of the Middle East and Africa. The year was 2015, the same year the UN […]

Av: Alice Hertzberg, 1 juni, 2020


The corona crisis requires global unity

During these turbulent times, ongoing humanitarian disasters are often overshadowed by the coronavirus. There seems to be a tendency to overlook commitments to international cooperation and assistance. We currently experience this both within the European Union and the United Nations.  The EU failed to answer Italy’s request for assistance at the beginning of the outbreak, […]

Av: Josefine Nilsson, 1 juni, 2020


UNHCR and digital identities: Targeted aid or enhanced surveillance?

In 2015, UNHCR began rolling out the Biometric Identity Management System (BIMS), which collects photos, iris scans and fingerprints of refugees. They are stored in the organisation’s digital Population Registration and Identity Management Ecosystem (PRIMES), which not only includes BIMS, but also comprises all of UNHCR’s digital registration, identity management and case management tools. The […]

Av: Donya Zikry, 1 juni, 2020

Jeevan Baniya

COVID-19: Thousands of Nepali migrant workers remain in limbo

Hundreds of thousands of Nepali migrant workers are directly affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To learn more about their precarious situation, FUF Magazine spoke with Dr. Jeevan Baniya, a labour and migration expert from Kathmandu.

Av: Hanna Geschewski, 1 juni, 2020


A day for volunteering

Currently, there are almost 50 million children that have been forced to leave their country of origin. This has prompted different organisations such as Save the Children to establish various programs to help them during their migration. Some of these programmes focus on helping the children to have a better time while they wait for […]

Av: Carlos Ranero, 1 juni, 2020

News article

UN case warrants protection for future climate change displaced persons

A Kiribati national, after unsuccessful attempts to get asylum in New Zealand, brought his case to the UN Human Rights Committee. In spite of its negative ruling, the Committee seems to have opened the doors for granting protection for people at risk of displacement from climate change in the future.

Av: Alexandru Mocanu, 1 juni, 2020