One major part of FUF’s activity is our events’ branch. We organize seminars, debates, film screenings and other events that highlight current issues of global sustainable development and international development cooperation.

The purpose of this activity strongly connects to our mission of informing and creating debate around these core issues, and we invite all interested parties to join, either by attending our events physically, or by watching them online through our YouTube channel “FUFPlay”. All seminars are uploaded to this streaming service, and most of them are streamed in real time at the occasion. We hold events both in Swedish, English and other languages.

If you are unable to come to our office in Stockholm, we invite you to look into our different Local Groups’ events. At the moment we have active groups in Göteborg, Lund, Jönkping, Linköping, Umeå, Uppsala and Örebro.

You can also listen to our podcast from our events or click here to browse our web- and podcasts.

You can see all our upcoming events in our calendar.