Apply for an internship within global sustainable development through FUF

Are you a student and interested in global issues, development cooperation and Agenda 2030? In addition to your theoretical studies, do you want to gain an insight into what happens in workplaces that deal with these issues? Then you can apply for an internship through FUF.

Every semester, FUF arranges internships for our members who study an internship course. The internship takes place at companies, authorities and organizations that work with global development issues. Currently, we do not offer internships abroad, but only internships in Sweden.

In short, this means that you submit ONE application and are matched against all places.

To apply for an internship through FUF, you need:

  • be enrolled in one of the following:
    • 15 credits/30 credits internship at a Swedish university/college during the course of the internship (15 credits applies to a 10-week internship and 30 credits to a 20-week internship)
    • LiA at a Swedish university of applied sciences
    • The employment agency and granted work experience
  • to be member of FUF (it costs SEK 150/year for students)

How to apply:

1. Join in FUF (if you are not already)
2. Download the template with selection questions, fill in your answers and save the file as a PDF
3. Go to Recruto to make your application (link in The internship bank)
4. Fill in the form and upload your cv and answers to the selection questions at the designated location

The internships vary from semester to semester, and you can find current positions in The internship bank. There you will also find the template with selection questions and the link to the application itself.

Timetable for recruitment for spring semester 2025:  

  • August 30-September 29: Application open
  • October 14-18: The internships receive their selection of candidates
  • November 8: Recruitment ends

Before submitting your application, please read it through FUF's application tips.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact the program manager at

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