"We have made the EU a little safer, a little greener and a little freer," says Ulf Kristersson about Sweden's presidency of the EU, which has been going on since January 1 this year and is now due to end. Photo: Julia Azzeddine.

Kristersson (M) touched on migration policy and Ukraine in his party leadership speech

Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (M) focused especially on domestic political issues such as crime, integration and poverty in its own right number of party leaders during the Almedal week. The global issues that he affected was, among other things, Sweden's EU presidency with a focus on the ongoing humanitarian crises in the world, migration and the climate. 

First among the party leaders on the Almedal stage was Sweden's Prime Minister and the Moderates' party leader Ulf Kristersson. In his speech, he highlighted, among other things, that while migration pressure is increasing to several EU countries, migration to Sweden is decreasing as a result of political austerity. He mentioned that quota refugees should have decreased by 80 percent as a result of reforms in migration policy. Thus, Sweden approaches the EU's minimum level regarding refugee reception.

"We have made the EU a little safer, a little greener and a little freer"

Kristersson also touched on Sweden's presidency of the EU, which is now coming to an end. During the presidency, Sweden has, among other things, taken measures in the current humanitarian crises, not only within but also outside the EU. The government has contributed to a sharp increase in military and humanitarian support to Ukraine, both from Sweden and the EU, according to Kristersson. He also highlighted that Sweden's role has been decisive for two new sanctions packages against Russia and one million artillery shells for Ukraine. He mentioned the government's decision to give the Swedish Armed Forces the mandate to carry out a Swedish mission in Sudan. In addition to this, Sweden has also pushed for an agreement on a new strict European migration policy.

Kristersson also stressed that Sweden has pushed through a climate package during its time as EU chairman. The climate package includes, among other things, a ban on new petrol cars, expanded charging infrastructure throughout the Union and the development of biofuel for aircraft and ships.

In the speech, Kristersson reasoned about the climate issue in Sweden, and referred to the changes in Swedish energy policy that the Moderates have implemented. The password read From 100 percent renewable to 100 percent fossil-free and refers to the decision to allow the expansion of nuclear power reactors in Sweden starting next year. Otherwise, he did not touch on other aspects of climate change.

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