It was Sweden Democrats group leader Linda Lindberg who took the stage in Almedalen on Saturday evening. Lindberg's speech basically only touched on domestic issues. Photo: Nora Nattorp.

Domestic politics in focus in Linda Lindberg's (SD) Almedalstal

On Saturday evening, SD's group leader Linda Lindberg gave the annual speech in Almedalen instead of party leader Jimmie Åkesson. In e.gHowever, she focused on domestic politics, and only mentioned aid once in reference to tax money.

Jimmie Åkesson is the only party leader who has not appeared on Almedalen's stage this year. Instead, he was replaced by the Sweden Democrats' group leader Linda Lindberg. Her Almedal speech was basically only about domestic politics, and migration policy was at the center. She also touched on the judiciary, care and equality. Aid was once mentioned in the same sentence as tax money. The tax money should not be spent on aid to corrupt countries or citizens of other countries, Lindberg said. In other words, she omitted global issues completely.

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