Sexual violence in conflict: “psychological warfare”

Sexual violence in conflict is a serious problem in several countries around the world. The African groups' partner Ondjango Feministas raises awareness of women's rights in Angola. Photo: Sheila Nangue. Source: Ondjango Feministas.

Of: Alice Eriksson

Sexual violence increases in connection with conflict and natural disasters in the world, says Ylva Jonsson Strömberg from the Swedish Red Cross. Several civil society organizations point to the importance of development aid to break the negative trend in the world. 

August 11, 2022, Almedalen - article, Report

One year after the Taliban took power: "Do not forget Afghanistan"

Women and girls are particularly vulnerable to repression under the Taliban regime, something Elham Kohistani, an activist, and Najiba Sanjar, a crisis coordinator and consultant, said at a seminar during Almedalen Week. Photo: Julia Lundén Azzeddine.

Of: Julia Lundén Azzeddine

One year after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the country is hard hit by poverty, famine, unemployment and dismantled health care. During Almedalen Week, several people discussed the crisis situation in the country. 

July 20, 2022, Almedalen - article, Report

This is how Sweden investigates international war crimes

Sweden cooperates internationally through both the EU and the UN to investigate war crimes. Photo: WiR_Pixs. Source: Canva.

Of: Elin Malmqvist

Russia's war on Ukraine is regularly reported on the news. We are reached by testimonies of awfulness war crimes that describe how Russian soldiers have raped and executed civilians as well as attacked hospitals and residential buildings in Ukraine. And Sweden takes a great international responsibility to conduct investigations into war crimes in the world.  

July 19, 2022, Almedalen - article, Report

Isabell Schierenbeck, University of Gothenburg

FUF interviews Isabell Schierenbeck, professor of political science at the University of Gothenburg, about the relationship between Israel and Sweden and how Sweden can assist countries in the transition phase between authoritarian and democratic governments. - Then another type of support is often needed, which is about assistance and financial support for basic things such as healthcare and food, says […]

July 6, 2022, Almedalen - video

Najiba Sanjar, Urgent Action Fund Asia and Pacific

FUF interviews Najiba Sanjar about what Sweden and the international community can do for women and girls in Afghanistan. - Millions of girls and women in Afghanistan are suffering, from poverty and from restrictions of the Taliban. They are ordinary people of Afghanistan and they do deserve a dignified life, says Najiba Sanjar. Interviewer: Julia […]

July 6, 2022, Almedalen - video, Uncategorized

Johan Pehrson (L) highlighted democracy aid and NATO in his Almedal speech

In Johan Perhrson's (L) party leadership speech during Almedalen Week, he raised several foreign policy issues - including the EU, NATO and Swedish democracy assistance.

Of: Julia Lundén Azzeddine, Andreas Klawitter and Elin Malmqvist

"The school's biggest champion". This is how the Liberals' party leader Johan Pehrson was introduced at Tuesday's second party leadership speech during Almedalen Week 2022. When Pehrson left Sweden and the school world for a while, he highlighted, among other things, the security policy situation in the world and Swedish democracy assistance. 

July 6, 2022, Almedalen - article, News

Nooshi Dadgostar (V) raised climate initiatives and criticism of NATO membership in Almedalen

The Left Party's party leader Nooshi Dadgostar will give a speech in Almedalen on Monday evening. Photo: Fanny Tegman Lindholm.

Of: Fanny Tegman Lindholm, Hibo Yusuf Ahmed and Andrea Thorgren

During Nooshi Dadgostar's (V) party leadership speech during Almedalen Week, she promised new climate initiatives for reduced emissions. She also criticized Magdalena Andersson's (S) NATO agreement with Turkey.

July 5, 2022, Almedalen - article, News

Ulf Kristersson (M) focused on domestic policy in his Almedal speech

The Moderates' party leader Ulf Kristersson touched on the issue of NATO membership during his Almedal speech. Otherwise, he left out global development issues. Photo: Brusk Ismail.

Of: Brusk Ismail, Hanna Carlsson, Linnea Ljungar and Sara Lannebo

The Moderates' party leader Ulf Kristersson mostly focused on domestic politics in his Almedal speech. Wallet issues and crime, but also NATO and was high on the agenda. Kristersson, on the other hand, did not mention anything about global development issues.

July 4, 2022, Almedalen - article, News

Magdalena Andersson (S) highlighted NATO and climate change in her Almedal speech

Sweden's Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (S) focused largely on national issues in her Almedal speech, but she also touched on Swedish NATO membership and climate change. Photo: Sandra Duru.

Of: Alice Eriksson, Sandra Duru and Tanya

In her party leadership speech during Almedalen Week, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (S) emphasized that Sweden faces several challenges - not least due to the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Swedish NATO membership and climate change were also highlighted, but development aid and international development cooperation were completely omitted in the speech.

July 4, 2022, Almedalen - article, News