About FUF

The Association for Development Issues, FUF, is a politically and religiously independent non-profit association. Our purpose is to inform and create discussions about global development and Sweden's role in the world. We want to contribute to kunity, debate and commitment to a just and sustainable world. 

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FUF's vision

Our vision is that the Swedish public has god knowledge of global development. With increased knowledge, more people are acting for a fair and sustainable world, both on a personal level and by making demands on those in power. Sweden's role in the world attention and debated in half and within politics, culture and educationThe debate is fact-based and provides space for a diversity of perspectives and voices. Swedish authorities in politics and business take responsibility for social, environmental and economic sustainability in their decision-making. Actors from different sectors cooperates and attacker our global challenges from a holistic perspective 

FUF's mission

To contribute to achieving the vision, FUF must:  

- vara en party politicalt and religiously independent platform that contributer to a fact-based debate on Sweden's role in the world. In the debate, we will give space for a diversity of perspectives and voices 

Spread knowledge about overlooked global challenges and highlight current issues from new perspectives. 

- contribute to making knowledge of global development more comprehensible and easily accessible. 

arouse engageMang for a just and sustainable global development, especially among young people. 

skapa fora for exchange of experience and cooperation over sectoral, social and generational boundaries. 

- support people who want to work for a fair and sustainable global development, so that they gain practical experience and an in-depth understanding of the issues. 

contribute to one factbased Swedish and European policy for global development. 



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