About FUF

The Swedish Development Forum, FUF, is a politically and religiously independent non-profit association. Our purpose is to inform and create discussions about global development and Sweden's role in the world. We want to contribute to knowledge, debate and commitment to a fair and sustainable world.

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FUF's Vision

Our vision is that the Swedish public has good knowledge of global development. With increased knowledge, more people act for a fair and sustainable world. Global development issues are noticed and debated in the media as well as in politics, culture and education. The debate is fact-based and provides room for a diversity of perspectives and voices. Swedish policy leads to social, environmental and economic sustainable development globally. Actors in politics, business, the public sector and civil society collaborate and attack our global challenges from a holistic perspective. 

FUF's Mission

- To contribute to achieving the vision, FUF commits to:  

- be a politically and religiously independent platform that contributes to a fact-based debate on global development issues and Sweden's role in the world. In the debate, we must give space for a diversity of perspectives and voices.  

- be a collaborative partner when it comes to global development issues, peacebuilding and conflict prevention issues, internationally and in Sweden.  

- spread knowledge about overlooked global challenges and shed light on current issues from new perspectives.  

- Contribute to making knowledge of global development more accessible and comprehensible.  

- arouse commitment to a just, sustainable and peaceful global development, especially among young people.  

– create forums for exchange of experience and collaboration across sector, social, geographical and generational boundaries.  

- support people who want to work for a fair, sustainable and peaceful global development, so that they get practical experience and a deeper understanding of the issues.  

- contribute to a fact-based Swedish and European policy for global development. 


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