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We are better and stronger together! Everyone who is interested in supporting our work or working for a Sweden that takes greater responsibility internationally is welcome to join our community and become a FUF member.

With your membership, you can either just sit quietly in the boat and be sure that we will use your membership fee to actively promote a fact-based debate on global sustainable development through our seminars, our capacity training and our online magazine - or you can become an active member and join one of our non-profit groups!

As an active member, you have the opportunity to be a part of the change yourself, either by writing articles and reports in our magazine, or by arranging seminars with interesting experts and professionals. If you do not live in Stockholm, you are welcome to join one of our local groups!

As a member, you also get access to our Internship Program, which gives about 40 students each semester the opportunity to complete 20 weeks of internships at reputable civil society organizations, authorities and companies such as Sida, Save the Children and Forum Syd. We also offer many other career-building programs and activities for capacity development and networking.

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Membership fees

  • SEK 200 for regular members
  • 150 SEK for students
  • Support member pays any amount over 200 SEK. Contact for more information.
  • FUF support for organizations or companies, read more here.

The membership is valid for one year and when it is time to renew it, you will receive information about this via your specified email address and SMS if you have entered your mobile number when registering.

Member registration

By filling in your member registration in the form below and paying the fee, you can take part in all our activities. At the same time, you contribute to more people gaining knowledge about sustainable global development. For questions, contact FUF at Read more about the membership under the form.

If the form above does not work, please fill out the form

E mail

If you choose to sign up for one or more of our e-mail subscription subscriptions below, your address will be registered to our email management system. If you wish to manage your subscriptions, this is done via the instructions found in all our mailings.

Payment Options

You can easily make the payment directly with your credit card, via Swish or through our bank transfer and enter the OCR number that you receive after you fill in the form below.

Terms and storage of personal data

When you register your membership with us, you accept ours membership and data protection policy, approves payment of the fee, and that we save your specified personal information in accordance with data protection legislation (GDPR).

To become a member, we now need your date of birth for statistics (year-month-day), note that it is not the same as social security number and you do not need to enter your last 4 digits. You do not need to be a Swedish citizen to become a member.

Update details

Do you want to add a phone number? Do you have a new email address? Do you belong to a local group, but have not registered it? Email then we will update it!

Give away a membership?

Maybe you want to give a membership as a gift to someone? Contact we will help you! We can also send a nice digital FUF membership certificate.

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