The Internship Program

Do I have to study 30 credits of internship to apply?

  • Yes! Alternatively, 20 weeks of internship through YH or the Swedish Public Employment Service. 15 credits is not enough.

Do I have to be a member of FUF to apply and how do I become a member?

  • Yes! You must be a member of FUF to apply. Fill in your details and pay via this page.

Do I send an application to all places?

  • Yes! You only submit one application and are then matched against all locations. In the application form, you get the opportunity to list the places you would most like to be matched against. We take your wishes into account as much as we can. In your CV and personal letter, however, you do not mention any specific internship.

Is it enough that I have certain experiences / skills in the form and not in my CV?

  • No! Everything you write in the form also needs to be included in your CV / personal letter. Only we at FUF have access to the form - while the internships only have access to your CV and PB.

Should I write my application in English or Swedish?

  • It depends on whether you only want to be matched against the ads that are written in Swedish? If you want a chance to be matched against all places (including those who have written their ads in English), you should write in English. If you are not interested in being matched with them, you can write in Swedish.

When will I find out if I will be matched with an internship?

  • It varies from being a couple of days after the last application day to be matched against all places passed up to several weeks. Keep an eye on your inbox. We have relatively short deadlines for responding to the matching request, so feel free to check once a day if the request has arrived.

Can I apply for an internship through you even though I have not yet been admitted to the internship course I applied for?

  • Yes, you can apply even if you have not been notified yet. A large proportion of applicants apply for independent internships. Tip is to apply for courses that have no "ceiling" for the number of participants in the course to reduce the chance of not being accepted.

Is the practice in Sweden or abroad?

  • All internships we offer are in Sweden, but all work with issues related to global sustainable development.

Do I have to be fluent in Swedish to apply? 

  • No, you do not need to be fluent in Swedish.


Young Professional Network

Can I join without currently working on global sustainable development?

  • No, the network is aimed at professionals in global sustainable development

Do I have to live / work in Stockholm to participate?

  • At the moment, all network meetings are digital, so there are no requirements for you to work / live in Stockholm to be able to participate.

How often does the network meet?

  • The network meets about twice a month for lunch meetings, either with pre-determined themes / invited guests or an open theme where participants can share current issues.

What is required of me as a participant?

  • That you have a relevant job
  • You actively participate in the meetings
  • You contribute with suggestions for discussion topics, issues, contacts to relevant guests and a general involvement in the network.

Does participation involve a cost?

  • No! It is completely free to participate, in return we expect you to be an active and committed participant who contributes to the value of the network.

Do I have to be fluent in Swedish to apply? 

  • No, you do not need to be fluent in Swedish.

I want to join - how do I do it?

  • You send a short presentation of yourself, what you work with and why you want to join the network to


Did not find the answer to your question here? Contact program manager Jenny Axelsson

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