Sofia Brännström, 27 years. Climate and environmental manager.

When and how did you get involved in FUF?
I was 20 years and attended my first semester at Stockholm University. I got an invite on Facebook to a start-up party and went there without knowing anyone. Then I joined the FUF editorial staff and the Almedals editorial staff.

What issues were you passionate about and thought were important during your time at FUF? What issues do you consider to be the major development issues at that time?
I was passionate about climate and equality issues, both global and domestic political. Then as now, I thought our relationship with nature was problematic.  

Do you want to share a memory from your time at FUF?
I remember when in Almedalen I had the chance to interview Dr. Denis Mukwege, founder of the Panzi hospital and Nobel Peace Prize laureate in 2018. He particularly highlighted the importance of demanding responsibility but also education and knowledge to increase gender equality and prevent men's violence against women.  

What do you think is FUF's strength?
I believe that FUF has an ability to reach out to people all over Sweden and translate interest in the outside world and politics into actual factual knowledge, networks and tools that then become valuable in the labor market and in civil society. At the same time, FUF contributes to setting demands and creating debate in society about aid and development issues. 

What do you think FUF should focus on going forward?
I personally think it is important to pay attention to Sweden's role in the world, how different events and happenings are connected and the breadth of development perspectives. I also believe that knowledge of solutions increases our hope for the future!  





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