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Do you want to join an online-network and collaborate with young peace actors from all over the world? We are looking to expand the Global Peace Hub network with another 30 young peace actors – apply today to become one of them!

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Who are we?

The Global Peace Hub (GPH) is an initiative aimed at strengthening the capacities and networks of young peace actors and youth organizations working for the inclusion and empowerment of young people. Participating in the network is a voluntary commitment. The aim is to support the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on youth, peace and security. The GPH is facilitated by the Swedish Development Forum (FUF) and financed by the Swedish Agency for Peace and Development (Folke Bernadotte Academy, FBA).

How far have we come?

The first participants of the network were recruited in the fall of 2021. Today, we are a bit over 30 participants from twelve different time zones, and we are looking to become twice as many. Our ambition from the start has been to create a network that is participant-owned. This means that all participants are invited to shape and influence the structure and activities of the network. Together, we have drafted the GPH Network Agreement and specified our goals and action plan. As such, more than just capacity strengthening, the GPH is an opportunity to learn about organisational processes in a professional environment, to hone your leadership- and collaboration skills, and to advance your understanding of intercultural communication in a global setting.

What else can the Global Peace Hub Network offer you?

  • An active, accessible and safe digital platform where you can meet, exchange experiences, and initiate new collaborations with peers from all over the world;
  • An exchange of experience with youth peace builders in your region;
  • The possibility of connecting with a mentor through the soon-to-be-developed GPH mentorship program;
  • The possibility to design and/or take part of capacity-building activities, for example, training and workshops on topics such as leadership training and project management;
  • Write articles that will be published through FUF’s digital development magazine on
The aim of the Global Peace Hub is to support youth peace actors in strengthening their capacities, skills and network. The GPH does not offer funding or opportunities of employment.

What topics will be discussed in the network?

The thematic areas and other relevant topics related to the integration and participation of youth in peacebuilding and conflict resolution will depend on your needs and interests. FUF will facilitate and assist with the methodology and potential educators and/or speakers, but topics will be formed organically together with you.

Who are we looking for?

  • Participants should be engaged with a (youth) organisation that is focused on peacebuilding or conflict resolution work;
  • Participants should be between 18 and 32 years old;
  • Participants should be genuinely interested in peacebuilding and conflict resolution and motivated to learn and share experiences and knowledge with others;
  • Participants should have some previous experience of working with peacebuilding initiatives or conflict resolution;
  • Participants should have access to technical devices and an internet connection (an unreliable one is perfectly fine) that allows participation in digital meetings;
  • Participants should be humble, and accepting of others’ opinions and perspectives;
  • Participants commit to spending a few hours per week on the GPH, depending on project phase and activities. As this is a voluntary commitment, participans should consider how much time they are able to spend on network activities; and
  • Participants must be able to communicate in English.

Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality

We aim for global diversity in our participant pool and encourage youth from all backgrounds to apply. We particularly encourage applications from young peace actors who are engaged at local levels of society, from all types of contexts – whether conflict-affected or more peaceful societies.

Application deadline and recruitment process

The application deadline is on October 4. If your application is selected, you will be invited to participate in an interview with the project manager. The next step is to meet one of the participants of the network for a peer-to-peer exchange, before you are offered and choose to accept a position in the network.

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