The Global Peace Hub Story

The Swedish Development Forum, FUF, started the digital network the Global Peace Hub (GPH) in April 2021.

Lining up with UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace, and Security (YPS) and Agenda 2030, we believe that uniting youth in enriching ways will lead to greater global-level cohesion among youth, increasing their ability to positively influence their societies. Together with youth, we acknowledge the need to strengthen their own brand, allowing them to represent themselves as a positive force for change.

Therefore, we created a private, global, and inclusive network for young peacebuilders. Our mission is to strengthen networks and skills, foster new partnerships and collaborations, and support youth leadership worldwide. We believe that the Global Peace Hub (GPH) will lead to more global-level cohesion of youth, increase their ability to influence democratic- and peace-promoting processes, and heighten their advocacy.

Our vision is that everyone all over the world identifies and acknowledges the power of youth to positively influence a trajectory toward peaceful, democratic, and sustainable societies. At FUF and in the GPH, we want to combine our vision with action, and we welcome anyone who wishes to be a part of that process.

Our Funding

FUF has from the start been financed by FBA, within the scope of their support to civil society. We have confirmed operational support for 2023, and are continuing to develop GPH as a part of FUF’s ordinary operations.

You can find more information on civil society support, and official documents, on FBA’s website.

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