UK travel policy may impact African vaccinations

As the UK relaxed their inbound travel regulations this fall, they broke the news that they would not be welcoming fully vaccinated travellers from a number of countries, including India and a large portion of Africa. No African country had been put on the green list and nearly half of the red listed countries were […]

Av: Hibo Yusuf Ahmed, 2 november, 2021


Post-Conflict Development’s Crucial Role in State Reconstruction

Only a few weeks ago, an eleven day conflict between Israel and Palestine united multiple world leaders and organizations to find a peaceful solution. Efforts to maintain international peace as well as to end war have contributed to creating multinational organizations, such as the United Nations and the European Union. However, in many cases the […]

Av: Claire Coviaux och Maria Malmsten, 23 juni, 2021

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The Unintended Consequences of the Colombian Peace Agreement

Deforestation is harmful in tropical areas, and most of the tropical regions of the world are located in conflict-ridden countries. Thus there is an often unexplored relationship between deforestation and conflict zones. In the case of Colombia, the peace process has led to an increase in deforestation, as well as an increase in violence on those who aim to protect the environment.

Av: Eleonora Moen, 23 juni, 2021


An inclusive democracy is needed to curb the spiraling conflict in Myanmar

The recent military coup has re-ignited and exacerbated some of Myanmar’s long-running civil wars, pushing the country deeper into crisis. Pro-democracy resistance groups in the urban areas and rural ethnic insurgencies stand united in their war against the military regime. An inclusive democracy is necessary for long-term sustainable peace.

Av: Leni Lindemann, 23 juni, 2021

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Unpacking Iraq’s Tishreen revolution: the complex politics of post-conflict Iraq

Thousands of protestors took to the streets in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square in October 2019. They were chanting: “we want our country back”. What does that mean in post-conflict Iraq that 2018 had restored control over its territories and what are the driving factors for this uprising?

Av: Ghadeer Hussein, 23 juni, 2021


It’s not as easy as going back home

According to UNHCR, 1 percent of the world’s population is currently displaced due to conflict or persecution – that’s one in every 100 people who’ve been forced to leave home. When you think of civilians affected by conflict, you probably think of refugees fleeing their country in search of a safer life. However, many people […]

Av: Emily Elderfield, 23 juni, 2021

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Colombian Peace Process under Threat

In 2016 the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) reached a historic peace agreement. Over four years later the peace stands on uncertain ground, as new political leaders fail to embrace it.

Av: Aarne Hakomäki, 22 juni, 2021


Post-Conflict Libya Needs to Address Migrants’ and Refugees’ Rights

A new hope for establishing protection of human rights in Libya is rising. But migrants and refugees still face critical conditions and the reconstruction of the country must address this.

Av: Chiara D’Agni, 22 juni, 2021