Publication: Stories on Overlooked Crises

The year of 2023 was certainly a year of crises. The average temperature in the world reached a record high level, the conflict between Israel and Hamas erupted – which led to historically many killed women and children, the rise of disinformation and fake news proceeded, and the democratic space continued to shrink in many parts of the world. And these are just a few examples. Besides this, there were many crises, conflicts, and issues that were never illuminated – neither in media nor in the social debate in general.

This is one of the purposes of FUF’s latest publication – to shed light on topics that are forgotten, overlooked or usually not reported on. The other purpose is to highlight youth’s perspectives on these topics, and to build bridges between youth in different parts of the world. Not only by publishing texts by youth, but also by connecting youths in different countries for interviews – as we have done for three of the texts in this publication. All texts in the publication are written by members of the Global Peace Hub (GPH) and FUF’s editorial team.

Enjoy the reading!

Publication: Overlooked Crisis »

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Av: Kansliet

Publicerad: 22 december, 2023