When Soda Replaces Water

While soft-drink producers are making their sodas cheaper than ever, San Cristóbal in Mexico is running out of water. Photo: Pixabay.

Av: Fredrik Björksten

In the mountains of southern Mexico lies the city of San Cristóbal with around 170,000 inhabitants. Located in one of the rainiest regions in the country, you might be surprised to learn that many neighbourhoods in San Cristóbal only has running water two days a week. Luckily for the people, however, there’s a local bottling […]

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17 juni, 2019, Editorial, English, Magazine

Water as a human right

Should the access to water be privatised or should it be free for everyone? Photo: United Nations Photo/Flickr.

Av: Kathrin Hegger

The supply of water, our most essential natural resource, will face shortages in the coming decades. Water was declared a human right by the UN in 2010. Therefore its accessibility should be ensured. In which way this will be done remains disputed.

17 juni, 2019, English, Magazine, Opinion

Disastrous floods after prolonged droughts have challenged Iran

The historic Kashkan bridge was damaged in the recent flood. Photo: Ali Mostafanezhad.

Av: Seyyed Hasan Hosseini

Heavy rainfall and flooding in late March and early April 2019 affected millions of people in Iran, caused deaths, displacement and catastrophic damage to the infrastructure. This is happening while the country has long suffered from frequent droughts and adaptive management practices are not in place to deal with such fluctuations.

17 juni, 2019, English, Guest piece, Magazine

Droughts and climate change are drivers of religious extremism

The overlapping causes of Lake Chad’s humanitarian crisis pose a big challenge to the international community. Photo: EC/ECHO/Anouk Delafortrie, Flickr.

Av: Johanna Caminati Engström

As Boko Haram keeps making the news headlines and with 10.7 million people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, the crisis in the Lake Chad basin is alarming. Drought, climate change, corrupt governance and religious extremism are only some of the overlapping challenges that the international community faces.

17 juni, 2019, Article, English, Magazine

When Agriculture Smothers the Ocean

Algae blooms occur when the water is polluted with excessive nutrients. Photo: F. Lamiot/Flickr.

Av: Carolina Yang

Agriculture today feeds off the world’s dwindling freshwater resources, yet is a major polluter to the oceans. Dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is the toxic cultivation from industrial agriculture, choking much of the marine life. The integrated effort in food production and diet could allow the ocean to breathe again.

17 juni, 2019, Article, English, Magazine

Jordan is running out of water

Mujib Dam, holds 35 million cubic metres of water. It primarily supplies Amman, helping to ease a very stressed national water supply. Photo: Leonardo/Flickr.

Av: Siobhán Coskeran

While Jordan’s population is increasing, its water resources are more scarce than ever. Jordan is one of the most water-poor countries in the world. Geographical disadvantages are partly to blame; its climate is one of the driest in the world, receiving just 200 millimetres of rainfall per year. Added to this, climate change is reducing […]

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17 juni, 2019, English, Magazine, News article

Why sand is selling in the desert

Extracting sand for building material affects ecosystems and causes islands to erode and disappear. Photo: USACE NY, Flickr.

Av: Aida Esmailzadeh Davani och Erika Alm

Selling sand in the desert is an old proverb to describe a skilled salesman. However, the definition may need to be reevaluated. Sand used in construction is becoming a rare and precious resource and the high demand is causing problems for ecosystems and humans alike.

17 juni, 2019, Article, English, Magazine

Hur kan USA:s utrikesminister lyckas med att inte nämna klimatfrågan?

I veckan sa USA:s utrikesminister att Arktis smältande isar kan öppna upp för bland annat handel, där nya transportleder kan möjliggöras.

Av: Moa Zeidlitz

EU-valet fortsätter att prägla debatten. Men hur mycket pratar våra politiker egentligen om EU – i förhållande till hur mycket EU påverkar oss? Samtidigt trappas handelskriget mellan USA och Kina upp, med en fortsatt ignorans från USA:s sida gällande klimatfrågan. Något som i sin tur leder till ett förändrat säkerhetsläge i vår värld.

15 maj, 2019, Aktuell debatt

Klimatfrågan tar plats i debatten inför EU-valet

Är kärnkraft en lösning för att behålla tillväxt och minska utsläpp? Det diskuterades i veckan mellan M och MP. Foto Pixabay

Av: Erica Fahlström

Hur kan EU leda det globala klimat- och miljöarbetet vidare? Under den senaste veckan har det diskuterats om bland annat tillväxtpolitik kontra hållbarhet, klimatförändringarnas relation till folkhälsa, förlusten av biologisk mångfald samt pressfrihet – och debattörerna har särskilt lyft vikten av att dessa frågor prioriteras i EU.

8 maj, 2019, Aktuell debatt