EU external action gives youth a place to raise their voices

Policy-making at the European level is starting to include voices of young people in decision-making processes, according to Johanna Caminati Engström, Policy- och Advocacy Officer for Plan International EU Office and past writer for FUF.

Av: Johanna Caminati Engström

Several EU institutions are currently working to improve the inclusion and representation of youth in the European Union and especially in its external action agenda, says Johanna Caminati Engström, policy and advocacy officer at Plan International’s EU office. She highlights the importance of EU’s newly implemented work such as the first-ever Youth Action Plan and reflects on its long term impacts.

31 mars, 2022, English, Guest piece, Magazine

Global Climate Action – Perspectives from Nigeria

Datum och tid: 7 dec, 19:00 - 20:00

Like many other countries, Nigeria is affected by climate change. Rising sea levels, flooding, drought and desertification are only some of the consequences the country is facing. Nigeria is also an oil producing country, which has led to serious environmental problems, especially in the region called Niger Delta. The global climate movement is on the […]

2 december, 2021, English, Kalendarium, Seminarier, Webbsändning

Young Activists in Shrinking Civic Space: The importance of applying an age lens

Datum och tid: 1 dec, 08:30 - 08:30

Across the world we see the democratic space for civil society shrinking, putting young activists at risk and hindering their civic engagement. Based on consultations with young activists in 21 countries, Plan International has put together a policy brief on how we – as development partners – can better support young activists and their organisations […]

20 november, 2021, English, Kalendarium, Seminarier