Write for rights

Datum och tid: 10 dec, 08:00 - 16:00

Do you want to make a real difference and contribute to positive change in our world? In many places around the world, people are being detained for who they are, what they believe in and standing up for it. FUF Jönköping, together with Students for Sustainable Action (SSA), will participate in the global initiative Write […]

6 december, 2021, English, Kalendarium, Lokalgrupp, Seminarier, Utbildningsaktivitet

An Asymmetric Win-Win: The Complexity of Modern China-Russian Relations

China and Russia are two states usually described as countries with significant military, political and economic influence reaching both regionally and globally. But which dynamics are significant in the structures of inter China-Russian relations? How have they developed throughout history and what are the future prospects? To dissect this topic FUF Malmö hosts a one […]

26 november, 2021, English, Kalendarium, Lokalgrupp, Utbildningsaktivitet

Leaders Pledge to End Deforestation: Illegal Logging Thrives in Brazil

Datum och tid: 6 dec, 18:00 - 20:00

During the UN Climate Change Conference, over 100 leaders promised to end deforestation. However, deforestation rates are rapidly increasing in Brazil. Illegal logging has become widespread and criminal logging networks threaten or even kill people who object or try to stop their actions. According to the Pastoral Land Commission, there were more than 230 cases […]

25 november, 2021, English, Kalendarium, Lokalgrupp, Seminarier, Utbildningsaktivitet

Films For Change – RIVERBLUE

“Can fashion save the planet? Through awareness, we evolve” FUF Jönköping are welcoming you to a film screening of the documentary RIVERBLUE. Date: 22nd of November. Where: Hb221 (HLK) Time: 18.30 Who: All students at JU Together we will have a night of film, discussions, quizzes, engagement and of course snacks. Remember to bring your […]

17 november, 2021, English, Kalendarium, Lokalgrupp

The social and economic development of China from 1949 and onwards

Datum och tid: 15 nov, 19:00 - 20:00

As other countries in the world, China has developed and been influenced by other nations as well as contemporary happenings. Join us on an evening seminar to discuss the geopolitical and economic development of China in relation to its global context. For this we will have Hans Hägerdal, our guest for the evening, who has […]

11 november, 2021, Kalendarium, Lokalgrupp, Seminarier

En global utblick – yttrandefriheten runt om i världen

Datum och tid: 12 okt, 18:00 - 20:00

Seminariet ”En global utblick – Yttrandefriheten runt om i världen” ges i samband med Danderyds kommuns demokratijubileum i samband med firandet av demokratin 100 år. Seminariet ger en global utblick på utvecklingen för yttrandefrihet och pressfrihet i världen och hoten mot demokratin om de begränsas. Den 12 oktober kl 18.00-20.00 anordnar FUF Stockholm Södra och […]

16 september, 2021, Kalendarium, Lokalgrupp, Seminarier

Hur är det egentligen? Christmas Edition

Välkommen på julquiz! Efter succén i november har flera av er frågat om vi kan hålla quiz igen och självklart kan vi det! Den här gången på temat utvecklingsfrågor med en julig twist. Nissarna är i full gång med att kåpa ihop frågor på detta kanske lite ovanliga ämne. Precis som förra gången kan du […]

17 december, 2020, Kalendarium, Lokalgrupp

Breaking the Silence

Datum och tid: 10 dec, 17:00 - 18:30

Why does menstruation matter to everyone, everywhere? Why is menstruation still such a taboo across the world? Who are most vulnerable to poor menstrual health management? What aspects of development could improved MHM contribute to the most? What are the biggest barriers to scaling up menstrual health management across the world? How does MHM link […]

4 december, 2020, English, Lokalgrupp, Seminarier

FUF:s julkampanj

Swisha till nummer 1234 818 613 Märk din gåva med ”julgåva”   Stötta våra lokalgrupper i jul! Det senaste året har sannerligen fört med sig prövningar. Men trots att vi knappt har kunnat träffa varandra, har våra aktiva medlemmar stadigt ökat i år och vi ser ett fortsatt ökat engagemang inför 2021. Detta är den […]

2 december, 2020, Kalendarium, Lokalgrupp, Medlemsverksamhet, Utbildningsaktivitet