Films For Change – RIVERBLUE

“Can fashion save the planet? Through awareness, we evolve”
FUF Jönköping are welcoming you to a film screening of the documentary RIVERBLUE.
Date: 22nd of November.
Where: Hb221 (HLK)
Time: 18.30
Who: All students at JU
Together we will have a night of film, discussions, quizzes, engagement and of course snacks.
Remember to bring your JU-card to enter the building.
Have you ever thought about the far-reaching impact of your consumption habits?
Have you ever thought about fashion brands’ role in the spread of unsustainable behaviors?
Have you ever thought about the dangers of impulse buying on Black Friday?
Companies including fashion brands ramp up sale volumes by encouraging impulse purchasing, employing a wide variety of psychological tricks to make us buy more. This entails many negative consequences affecting the environment and the various stakeholders along the value chain.
We have control of our decisions and each of us can contribute to positive change by not acting on urges induced by marketing.
We want to hear your reflections on this and together work for a better future.
Can fashion save the planet? Let us discuss this over a cup of popcorn and great company!
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