Understanding a world in crisis

2023 passed as one of the most violent and conflict-ridden years in a long time, and war and conflicts continue to dominate the headlines. In a world of constantly shifting geopolitical dynamics where diplomacy is stumbling, understanding the complex relations between security policy, international aid and foreign policy strategies is crucial.

SIPRI is an international research institute with a focus on broadening the understanding of global security issues and promoting solutions for peace and development around the globe. It is headed by Dan Smith, who during this talk will share his insights and the work of SIPRI in relation to the new Swedish aid and foreign policy. He will also discuss issues such as: How should we understand the world of today? What should conflict prevention and resolution entail, and what hopes can there be for arms control and disarmament in today’s context? What are the EU’s most pressing security policy challenges, and what can be expected after the elections for the European Parliament in June?

Lennart Wohlgemuth and Annika Söder, board members of FUF and Europarörelsen, will lead the conversation where participants are invited to ask questions.

Date and time: Tuesday March 19, 10.30-12.00

Place: FUF’s office, Ehrensvärdsgatan 4, Stockholm

Access to the on-site seminar requires walking downstairs (no elevator access)

Register HERE no later than March 18.

The seminar is a collaboration between FUF and Europarörelsen. We will livestream the seminar on our Youtube-channel Fufplay.

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