The Story of Renewable Energy in Developing Countries

Today it is considered important to not only have efficient energy infrastructure, but to transition to renewable energy in order to achieve sustained economic growth and development. With regard to its potential challenges, how do developing countries deal with the transition to sustainable energy sources? And what role does renewable energy play?

Join us for our Panel Discussion and Q&A on the 5th of April!

The seminar consists of three parts. First, Cristián Ducoing will introduce the concept of energy transitions and present the role of renewable energy in developing countries with a case study of Afghanistan. This will be followed by a presentation given by Yang who will share practical experiences through her story of solar seeds. At the end of the seminar, we will open up for a Q&A session and discussions.

About the speakers

Cristián Ducoing is a researcher and senior lecturer at the department of Economic History at Lund University. In his research, he focuses on energy transitions, natural resource management, and measures of sustainable development.

Yang is the founder of MbeguSolar. Prior to founding MbeguSolar, Yang has been running a social venture in Kenya since 2015. Yang holds a master’s degree in innovation, entrepreneurship and global sustainable development and is driven by her passion for social and sustainable innovations.

Make sure to register no later than 4th of April in order to get the Zoom-link prior to the event.

We look forward to seeing you all!

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