Digital information meeting for new and old members!

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Welcome to a new and exciting semester with FUF!

On February 10, we welcome both new and old members / active members of FUF to an information meeting about the spring program, which will be somewhat different from previous years.

We will talk about how you can become an active member and be part of one of our communication groups, which all have the same purpose - to spread knowledge about global issues, such as human rights, the climate issue or peace and conflict. This is because we believe that the first step in changing the world is to have knowledge about it. It can be anything from arranging events to writing for our magazine, but you will get all that information during the meeting.

Getting involved in FUF not only opens the door to our large network and gives you weight on your CV through all our educations, it also gets you familiar with global issues and helps FUF put these issues higher on the agenda of both individuals and politicians . Then we must all work together for a fairer and more sustainable world.

This is a meeting for you who are curious about FUF and want to know more, by registering for this meeting you do not commit to a non-profit assignment. You must register for the information meeting no later than 9/2 at 23:55.

The information meeting will take place in the program Zoom and you will receive a link in connection with registration. Contact if you have not received a link.


After the information meeting, we open registration for those who want to get involved voluntarily during the spring semester. This will be open between 11 and 14 February. On Saturday, February 20, the work in the various groups will begin. Please note that you must have been to the information meeting to be able to join one of the communication groups, this also applies to those who have been in previous years.

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