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Lebanon – between crisis and change

What is happening in Lebanon? 

Lebanon is currently fighting political instability, a pandemic and an economic crisis, as well as dealing with the consequences of the big explosion in Beirut earlier this year. These circumstances have led to a humanitarian crisis, making the population suffer in multiple ways.

 We have invited Miriam Rasho, a SIDA alumni and MENA student at Stockholm University, and Abdallah Banna, a political activist located in Beirut, to discuss the current situation of Lebanon. They will also reflect upon the origin of the current crisis and what they believe needs to be done in order to reach a lasting and prosperous change.

The event will be held in English and live via Zoom. In order to participate you have to register through this link.

Be sure to register before Tuesday, November 17. 

Seminar: Lebanon – between crisis and change

Date: November 18th
Time: 18:00-19:15
The Zoom-link will be sent to you in the e-mail confirmation when you’ve registered for the event.

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