Post-Conflict Development and the Role of Sweden as a Development Aid Actor

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Swedish international development aid contributes to the prevention of armed conflicts. It also aims to create better living conditions for people suffering from devastating consequences of conflicts. But in what way does Swedish foreign aid actually help improve people’s living conditions globally? Moreover, the effects of climate change and forced displacement of millions of people worldwide have given rise to an increased global political uncertainty. These are some of the challenges contributing to a feeling of powerlessness and abandonment in many corners of the world. What efforts does Sweden make in this regard? Join us to learn more about Sweden’s important role as a development aid actor.

Our guest lecturer, Lennart Wohlgemuth, will tell us about what responsibility Sweden has in order to change behaviors and contribute to sustainable development. Lennart Wohlgemuth has been a FUF board member for many years. He is a guest professor in African Studies at the School of Global Studies, Gothenburg University. He is specialized with a focus on Swedish and European development aid policy. Lennart’s previous positions include 28 years at SIDA and 12 years as a director at the Nordic African Institute in Uppsala.

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