What should we do? A discussion on Belarus and Russia today

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The ninth of august 2020 Lukasjenko was elected president in Belarus for his sixth term of office. This means that Lukasjenko has ruled the country since 1994 which also happens to be the same period as all elections for office has been seen as undemocratic. During the last year several demonstrations have been held against the undemocratic government. Similar demonstrations are happening in Russia due to the election that will be held later this year.

Something has to be done. What are the tools to assist peaceful demonstrations to support and strengthen democratic rights? How can the outside world assist the Belarusian and Russian people in the fight against corruption and violence? The aim with this seminar is to raise these questions and to shed some light on the undemocratic development in today’s Belarus and Russia.

With these questions as a point of departure FUF is inviting you to a seminar with Katja Vasilyeva, teacher and active in the association Sveriges Belarusier as well as in Belarus Folkambassad and Kamal Makili-Aliyev Senior lecturer at the Department of Global Political Studies at Malmö University. Affiliated researcher at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.

The webinar is moderated by FUF’s event group in Stockholm. You need to register before the 7th of April to get the link for the participation. The webinar will be held live on Zoom in English.

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