Voices from the world – What is happening in Mozambique?

”We should go to the front, lay ourselves on the road until it stops, because we can’t continue to have this situation”

We are discussing the current situation in Mozambique, that has been hit by violence, especially in Cabo Delgado the north. Because the information, both within and outside the country, is very limited on what is really happening, we have invited associate Professor Yussuf Adam, live from Maputo, Macambique. He is a mozambican historian who works with themes related to development and peoples participation in government. He finished his PHD as part of a Nordic program of Development studies. After working more than 40 years at the University Eduardo Mondlane, Center for African Studies, department of History at Faculty of Arts and Letters. He now work as an independent researcher and consultant.

So whats the reason for the violence in Mozambique? What should we do to bring peace? There is not an easy answer, but we hope we can give you some more insight in difficulties that the country are facing.

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