Voices from the world – Focus on Tanzania

What is happening right now in Tanzania? Samia Suluhu has just entered as the lands new president, after years of oppression of activists, journalists and LGBTQ persons by the former president John Magufuli. She comes with hope, but in the same time, you can almost feel the country holding its breath.

Listen to Prof. Samuel Wangwe, who has over 40-years experience as an economist, teaching, policy researcher and policy analyst, and economic advisor to the Government of Tanzania. He is currently a consultant and Chairman at Daima Associates and is Principal Research Associate with ESRF and REPOA and Professor of Economics University of Dar es Salaam. He is be interviewed by FUF’s board member Lennart Wohlgemuth, who has a long and vast experience of working with both development and aid. He is the former guest professor in African knowledge at the School of Global Studies, Gothenburg University.

In “Voices from The World” you will hear people from all over the world talking about current situations. Follow FUF on this journey to raise awareness on global issues, from Kenya, to India, to Sweden.

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