The Roads to the Development Jobs

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Welcome to an online conversation to get inspired on how you can find your dream job within the development sector! During this digital panel discussion, people who work with international development in different ways will talk about how one can increase their chances of getting an international job, a trainee position or an internship after their studies. You will also have the opportunity to listen to recruiters from the sector, who will tell you about what they are looking for in an application and give suggestions on how to become a sharper candidate.

Tune in, get inspired and ask your questions about the jobs that contribute to sustainable global development!


12:00-12:05 Welcome and short introduction

12:05-12:50 Panel discussion with young professionals and recruiters

12:50-13:00 Questions


Young professionals

Ashley Farber, ZeroMission 

Currently works as a Sourcing Manager mainly focusing on carbon projects. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Conservation Biology and first came to Sweden on an Erasmus exchange, where he later started a master’s degree in Environmental Communication at SLU. He has previously worked with turtle conservation in Cyprus, ecological assessments in the jungles of Borneo and also been teaching courses on climate change leadership, economics, and politics at CEMUS, Uppsala University. At COP26 he spoke on various youth panels and last year he created an official Stockholm +50 side event where he presented a vision of climate action alongside UN negotiators and government ministers.

Elin Prestgaard, Diplomat Communications 

Is a junior communications and public affairs consultant at Diplomat Communications as part of the Diplomat’s trainee program 2023/2024. She holds a master’s degree in political science from Uppsala University and a bachelor’s degree in peace and conflict studies from Lund University. She has studied in Ghana, Colombia, Argentina, and France. Her previous experiences include internships at Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the European Correspondent Department at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the latter during the Swedish EU presidency. Her main areas of interest are European Affairs, especially EU foreign policy, and political economy.

Isadora Bennet Snickars, Ministry for Foreign Affairs 

Works at the Division for Asia and Latin America at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs since 2021 and participates in the Diplomatic Training Program (Diplomatprogrammet). She has a master’s degree in theology from Uppsala University and a bachelor’s degree in Latin American studies from Stockholm University. Her previous work experiences includes Sida’s Humanitarian Unit, UNICEF Mexico, IM Swedish Development Partner in Guatemala and El Salvador, and the Embassy of Sweden in La Paz, Bolivia.


Malin Myrhage, Sida

HR strategist at Sida that works with human resources, including recruitment. She is also project manager for Sida’s Trainee Program that will start in autumn 2024 and has worked with recruitment of the trainees to Sida’s former Trainee program in 2020. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human resources from Uppsala University and has also studied Management at the University of Melbourne in Australia. She has worked at Sida for the last 10 years with many different areas within Human resources, including recruitment of Program Officers to the Swedish Embassies. She also has experience from consular work for the ministry of foreign affairs at the Embassy of Sweden in Bangladesh and Vietnam. 

Ayla Oom, Sustainergies

Recruiter at Sustainergies, focusing on competency-based recruitment in the sustainability sector. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Global Studies. Her professional experience includes an internship at Make Equal as an equality consultant,  she also serves as social media manager at We Listen In, an organization committed to empower multicultural women through well-being. In addition, she is a project leader at Afroinstitutionen in Gothenburg, where she leads initiatives focused on empowering, healing, and elevating black individuals through educational, community-building, and anti-racism efforts.


Information about the panelists will be updated continuously!

The panel discussion will take place on Zoom and it will be held in English. Pre-registration is required, and Zoom-link will be shared in the booking receipt. 

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