The Global Vaccine Distribution: Upholding the Inequality Among the World’s Rich and Poor

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The pandemic has struck the world in several different ways. Now, later than a year after the first confirmed cases of the COVID-19, the different vaccines developed by the health industry are being distributed worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, only 0,2% of the 700 million vaccine doses have been distributed to low-income countries. Vaccine distribution in middle and low-income countries has long been an issue and now with an ongoing pandemic, this issue is more noticeable than ever. To fail on the distribution of the vaccine could cause further global inequality. The global cooperation of alliances as Gavi and COVAX are there to maintain and make the distribution of the vaccine more equal. However, with the different vaccines being patented by the health industry, the work to ease the distribution by the alliances is hampered and low-income countries are falling behind. What are the consequences of this?

Join us on a panel discussion about this important and current topic with:

Pieter-Jan van Eggermont, humanitarian advisor at Medicins Sans Frontieres, MSF, Sweden.

Pär Eriksson, public health epidemiologist, researcher of e-health, lecturer in public health and former senior programme officer at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

Rudi Eggers, WHO’s represent in Kenya

To join us on this evening please sign up for the event using this simple signup link »

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