The Connection Between Climate Change and Peacebuilding

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The consequences of climate change are the most visible in countries that are also suffering from armed conflict. The more intertwined the crises of climate change and armed conflict become, the more difficult they become to solve. Climate change cause socioeconomic hardship which in turn can increase the risk of violence. Meanwhile, war increases pollution and lowers resilience to cope with climate chocks.  

While climate change exacerbates many risks, the need for better environmental management also offers new opportunities for peacebuilding as diverse groups share the interest to protect their natural environment and adapt to climate change.  

How is climate change impacting armed conflict and vice versa? Can environmental management become a platform for peace, and how does that work? And what lessons can be learnt from working with climate adaptation and conflict prevention together? 

To discuss these questions, The Swedish Development Forum (FUF), Life & Peace Institute (LPI) and The National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations (LSU) invite you to a seminar with: 

Nina von Uexkull, Associate Professor at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University. Her main research areas are the impacts of climate change and natural hazards on armed conflict and human security. She currently leads the project ‘Petroleum, prices and protests: The impact of climate change mitigation on social unrest’.  

Manasseh Wepundi, Life & Peace Institute. Manasseh is an evaluation manager with extensive experience of working with peacebuilding and development. Based in Nairobi, he has recently worked closely with other staff at Life & Peace institute to develop a study about how local communities have adapted to climate change and conflict.  

Abhishek Sharma, Doctoral Student, University of Delhi. Abhishek is a young peacebuilder in India, and a member of the Global Peace Hub, FUF’s international and digital network for young peacebuilders. He has worked with local and international organisations on issues related to the Youth, Peace, Security Agenda, and feels specifically passionate about environmental peacebuilding.  

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The list of participants will be updated.  

The panel discussion will take place on Zoom, but will also be streamed from ForumCiv’s office at Alsnögatan 7, Stockholm where you can stay to mingle and network after the seminar. We welcome audience questions to our panellists. If you already have questions for the panel, please email 

We offer vegetarian sandwiches and coffee/tea. 

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