Lecture: Insights from an intern at a Swedish Embassy

Are you interested in an internship at an embassy? Or perhaps interested in questions concerning democracy and equality in the Middle East and Northern Africa region? FUF Uppsala and Sensus Studieförbund invites you to a lecture in English with Sida Alumni Omran Nedal Khasawneh who shares his experiences from being an intern at the Swedish embassy in Jordan, in 2020.

Date and time: April 21, 6pm- 7 p.m.

Hybrid-event: Sensus, Drottninggatan 4, Uppsala and on Zoom

Arranged by: FUF Uppsala & Sensus Studieförbund

Sign-up required through this link

Omran Nedal Khasawneh

Omran’s academic background is within Development- and Middle Eastern Studies. Currently, he is writing his bachelor thesis in Middle Eastern Studies and will be completing a double degree in Development- and Middle Estern Studies at the end of this semester.

Besides his studies and his internship at the Swedish embassy in Jordan, he has been a local group coordinator at FUF as well as a project manager at Mångfaldsbyrån Esmeralda.

The Lecture

Two of Sweden’s most important foreign policy priorities are to promote gender equality and democracy. Based on his internship at the Swedish Embassy in Jordan, Omran will talk about his involvement in projects concerning equality and democracy. What do such projects look like? What exactly is feminist foreign policy?

The event is free, and is arranged by FUF Uppsala and Sensus Studieförbund. We welcome everyone to join us for an exciting lecture that will last for  1 hour, including time for questions, discussion, and snacks.

Sign-up is required to attend the event. Here is the link to sign up.

If you wish to attend the event on Zoom, the link will be automatically included in the booking confirmation.

If you have any questions, please contact FUF Uppsala at: uppsala@fuf.se

We hope to see you there.

All the best, FUF Uppsala & Sensus Studieförbund

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