I choose peace: youth stories from the Horn of Africa to Sweden

Through inspirational stories we would like to invite you to an hour focused on the role that young people play in contributing to peaceful societies. This despite the fact that many young people – often due to where in the world, or in Sweden, they live – have personal experiences of violence in their local environment. Come and listen to young changemakers, from the Horn of Africa to Sweden, who choose peace instead of violence and challenge yourself by asking the question: how can I contribute to a more peaceful society where I live?
The session will focus on the role of young people as a positive force for peaceful societies by inviting youth to share their own experiences. While the participants will get to hear the young people share their stories of how they have been impacted by violence where they live – and how they have responded to this – participants will also get to explore the role that they themselves have when it comes to creating, and sustaining, peaceful societies.
– Deesha Panchal (USA)
Is the Co-Director at Georgia Youth Leaders, where she mentor students to push them towards their journey of launching passion-fueled projects and finding volunteer opportunities that align with their interests. By being a leader in her community, she is guiding young change-makers towards finding their “why”. Her experience in hosting a youth-development podcast and serving as task-force lead for Peace First will drive this events success and going forward, the success of social-consciousness in Gen-Z. She is the founder of Georgia Youth Leaders, – a 15 year old working towards fueling society’s progress through today’s youth.
– Rasian Ferej (Sverige)
Is more known by his nickname Princeps which is also his stage name. He is 20 years old and in his free time he write poems and a novel. Mr Ferej have also held various types of poetry workshops for the youth in my community with a focus on personal development. He created the workshops to help young people express their feelings by giving them different kinds of tools. Mr Ferej also felt that he wanted young people to have a hobby that could help prevent them from being drawn into negative situations or environments, such as criminality, for instance.
– Carine Umutoniwase (Kenya)
is the Team Leader and Director of Footprints for Change – a youth-led and youth serving organization in Kenya with the vision to “Build authentic and accountable grassroots youth-led engagement”. Born in Rwanda and brought up in Kenya, Ms. Umutoniwase is passionate about the role of youth in peace building and people centered development. She is also currently supporting several youth-led initiatives and movements. Her dream is to resuscitate Pan-African leadership and thinking of united and able Africa societies to the next generation of leaders on the continent.
The session will be moderated by Yasmine Djelloul – Swedish Youth Representative to the United Nations.
Hosted by the Life & Peace Institute (LPI), the Swedish Development Forum (FUF) and the National Council of Swedish Youth Organizations (LSU)
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